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2021-03-13 02:57:00 (UTC)

Shoutout: March 11, 2021: Friends Thurs:

Confession Room:
1) Karina A:
Karina A: I really missed Alehtse so much, because she is leaving for her travel show series, and she won't be here for us.
2) Almira and Camila:
Almira and Camila: (speaking Filipino)
3) Vanessa C:
Vanessa C: Sadly, Alehtse will not joined for her weekly task for the next 2 weeks.
4) Paulina B:
Paulina B: I missed you Alehtse! (waving at the camera)
5) Klarisse C:
Klarisse: She just enjoyed her softball game since she was in high school.
6) Glenn Luna:
Glenn: When I just sawed Alehtse's 17 birthday, and she just me me for 3 years ago. And I just cried for last night.
7) Dhyana Dhy:
Dhyana: I always missed her dance production since 2017.
8) Esteban B:
Esteban B: Thank you Alehtse!

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