jhopi’s diary
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2020-12-09 00:00:00 (UTC)

Sunshine Dayzz Feb. 19

it's a saturday and i'm so excited for this week! yesterday was my birthday, even though it was like every other year atleast i had fun with my lil cousins. what was a little eerie was that when i went to shower after the party i wiped the mirror and the light's started flickering. i blamed it on the last rainy days that had come up during the week and hopefully not during this weekend which i will get to on why i'm excited. but still, it was really creepy.. oh! and the fact that the window was open, right. i could feel the air against my back as chills went down my spine as it had shut hard when i slowly turned my head and eyes locked on. i thought the hand prints on the mirror after enough steam was my sister's but i just now... i don't know what to think. about the fun stuff im excited about since i'm ready to change topics, i'm going to San Antonio to visit all kinds of places with my aunt and little cousin Ara who i like to give piggy back rides to. she's 12 and we get along very well so i think i'll have more fun as we try new foods and go to a zoo, sea world, into cool caverns, or six flags. :0