jhopi’s diary
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2020-11-09 00:00:00 (UTC)

Sunshine Diary Feb. 18

today during class people were starring at me. i could tell from the corners of my eyes. i thought it had something to do with my face or something, then when the bell rang i went face first towards the ground from my backpack gym like bag. it made me sad :( making me spill my sprite on my yellow backsnack. atleast it was sprite. then like 6 guys came up to me and tried to help me up all at once with greedy looking eyes. it was weird.. then 2 grabbing my backpack (backsnack/ bag) loL the names for my bag, at once. it was just weird, stuff like that never happens to me. their eyes wouldn't leave me as i walked out with a soaked bag. luckily they handed back my diary just in time, all of them in front of me before i turned the corner of the door. then i went to the bathroom thinking about that stuff as some guys smoked asking me if i wanted to join and tried pressuring me.. it makes me wish i had the chance to go to a school full of nice people, not the kind to push me around in the hall ways and make fun of me for being the only one on the dance team. the kind of people who yell cuss words into my ear down the hall way almost causing me to bang my head on the med kit box on the wall by the gym. now i wish i had friends to spend time with today since school's over. and, it's my birthday.