Alkesh's diary
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2020-12-09 19:50:00 (UTC)

To Ethan from Alkesh ~ D0001

The world is always a black and white story, where we all are just trying to spill some colorful ink on our own canvas. Maybe, we all are just limited to our own thoughts and we all pretend to be happy with what we have been trying to make a change in this world (but only according to our own needs). We all are so pretentious that we don't even recognize ourselves. At least I don't. I wonder if we had a choice to live more than one life at once, what it would have been like to the people who don't want even their own single life. I guess they would suffer even more just thinking that they may affect more than one life, or perhaps, it would have been the same as it is now because they still think nothing different.
Have a peaceful night.