Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-12-08 18:32:36 (UTC)

Crushing on boys~!

“Why are there so many cute boys amd why can’t I have one?” Is something I question a lot. You could say it’s a little ironic because I’m the one braking up with them usually. It’s always because of distance. Well I found this cute boy joining a discord server and I found out he lives in Arizona. I had a feeling he was straight and I thought he said so in the server. It made me wish so much more that i was a cisgendered girl, because here he was cute, dominant, and nearby.
Him and I have been talking for a little while now and I’ve only gained more feelings. I had the status “I wish I wasn’t such a coward” because I wanted to ask him if he really was straight since i was unsure, but it feels weird to ask. But he noticed my status and got worried and asked me what’s wrong. Him caring felt really nice but at the same time worse since i am so sure he is straight.
Well this was the conversation...

“Pfft, whats wrong..?“

I’m what’s wrong

Explain hon~“

I’m unsure if I should
I don’t want to make people uncomfortable

“Should what..?”

I’m just crushing on boys and I don’t know if they are interested
Idk if they are gay straight or bi
Feels weird to ask
Maybe it’s all just infatuation
Maybe it’ll pass

“Well, just ask, I mean in my opinion if they get offended from you asking then like they arent worth it”

Are you gay straight or bi?

“Bi. I usually say straight to make sure no creepy 40 year olds text me.“

*oh my*

*gets pounced on*”

*he’s cute AND he’s bi! But most importantly, nearby~*


So. I mostly tell this to people I really like, and people who I sense really like me *just to be safe* but I’m not really a girl
This isn’t a huge secret


But yeah



“Why are you sorry..?
I was about to say..
*E v e n B e t t e r~*“

You were saying oh and I wasn’t sure if you were disappointed~
*pounces you again*

“*hugs you as you pounce me*”

*Purrs more~*

Love you, dummy~”


...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa crush loves meeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rr, i just, mhhhhhhhhhhh. Then he called me dummy and I really love being insulted by cute boys and he just did that aaaaaaaa.

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