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2020-12-12 01:41:00 (UTC)

Semester 1 Story: 2018-19:


7/23/2018: My First Day of Freshmen Transition:
When I just sawed Sammy on Period 3, I offered him a skittles for the first time.

7/25/2018: He signed my yearbook:
After elp4, Rolando just gave me a hug. And then when the class is incoming, I was waiting for Max to sign, and I was late!
7/27/2018: I rushed into the bus:
Then it was the morning, and there was my morning bus, and it was already passed, and I needed to come back for the first day of transition.
8/9/2018: My best friend sended the wrong stranger:
Then, it was our 2nd period in PE, and my bff Yidan and Kim are gonna tried to post our Instagram pictures in public, and Shelby just middle finger at me once again.
8/28/2018: My boyfriend just throwed some carrot cake in front of us:
It was our Lunch, and my bff Mariana M bought us here, and then, my boyfriend just throwed carrot cake in front us, and they got in trouble.
9/20/2018: Posting naked photos in 1st period:
Then, we having the nudes party in our girls bathroom, and then we take out our shirts, and taking a selfies with my girls (aka my fam).