London Life
2020-12-08 19:50:02 (UTC)

Crock Of Gold

Monday 7th December 2020

After Jack had diverted to the High Street to post a parcel, we cycled back to King’s Cross and on to the Blighty for a relaxed vegan breakfast, then I got cold while Jack looked up an address to post a birthday card, and we decided to go to Lizzy’s (currently outdoor) Cafe for a coffee. They’ve recently put up a nude statue in the green, as a memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft, husband of William Godwin and a writer and philosopher in her own right, though it probably should have been erected near us in St Pancras. The cafe had received a lot of £100 donations to keep it open after the lockdowns.

While we were at the cafe, Jack got a phone call from someone who’d found my purse. I was surprised Jack’s number was in the purse, but it’s written in tiny letters on my ParkRun card, as an emergency contact. I’m going to make sure my phone number’s in my purse in future. I arranged to meet the finder tomorrow to get the purse back off him. I was glad I was able to suspend the card with the bank instead of having to cancel it and then wait for a new one to arrive, as you used to have to do in those situations.

We carried on cycling, to the Genesis cinema. I somehow got on the wrong road (though still on bike lanes) but we happened to find the canal, so went that way to Mile End, then after getting a bit lost going through the park (we came off too early instead of crossing the garden bridge), we carried on down the CS2 bicycle superhighway to the cinema.

It’s just re-opened after the latest lockdown, and they were showing a new documentary about Shane MacGowan, 'Crock Of Gold'. I was afraid they would concentrate too much on ‘Fairytale’, which isn’t one of the Pogues’ best songs, despite its fame (it’s number 8 in the main chart this week, with three weeks still to go until Christmas). “It’s our ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’” Mac Gowan said, but pleasingly it didn’t get too much attention in the film, compared to their better tracks.

We just got into the oddly named ‘Mackbear café’ before it shut, then because it was drizzling we got a train home, despite hearing an announcement that there was “no service on the Hammersmith & City Line”. Luckily, before we diverted to the Overground, the Hammersmith & City train arrived.