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Gabby x Brisa: Best Friend Moments:

12-09-2015: First Meet:
Brisa: (sighs) (texts my mom)
(Gabby slips in the surface)
Brisa: Gab!!! Oh Shit! Are you okay?
Gabby: Yeah.
Brisa: Names Brisa!
12-17-2015: You remembered Angel?:
Gabby: I just throwed the ball to your classmate.
Brisa: That was the truth.
(Flashback: 06/02/2015):
Brisa: Brandon, is he okay?
(Brandon: What? Eric? He got the butt ache)
Brisa: Okay. (end phone call) Eric, are you alright?
Gabby: Eric, (loser sign)
Brisa: Gabby, we have to get out of here!
(Gabby, Brisa and their team are exiting the gym)
Brandon: Brisa!
(flashback ends)
Brisa: Now my phone calls are dead!
Gabby: (fixes your phone calls) I got your number.
Brisa: Okay cool. You remembered Angel?
Gabby: Yeah. Angel is gone.
Brisa: You are right.
(flashback: 5/22/2015):
Angel: Brisa, Esteban cheated on you. Pick Marco up.
Brisa: Yeah. Marco, let's go.
Marco: Okay. (kisses you)
(flashback ends)
01-14-2016: Why everyone alone Brisa:
Nestor: Geez Gabby, Brisa was alone.
Gabby: I know bro, same.
(Nestor and Gabby are sitting the cafeteria tables with Brisa)
Brisa: Thanks for coming!
Nestor: Brisa Cantu, what happened to the nose job?
Brisa: Umm my nose job, Kim punched me.
Gabby: What a insane Brisa.
03-04-2016: Gabby fixes Brisa's bruise:
Gabby: Brisa, it's okay. Eric is in class right now.
Brisa: Yeah, I know.
Oscar: Gab, let Brisa have some rest. (puts your ice pack onto your forehead)
Angelica: Thank god, you are finally here both of you.
Adrian R: Brisa, got the fight a while ago.
Angelica: Brisa, I talked to your senior friends for the morning.
Brisa: What? I have the last class.
Gabby: It's all over Bri.
Brisa: Brandon just sawed me first.
Oscar: He broked up with you again.
Brisa: Yeah.
03-14-2016: Rumors about Brisa's ex boyfriend broke up:
Brisa: (crying)
Gabby: Brisa, what happened?
Brisa: I just cheated with Esteban.
Gabby: Aww I think Brandon is with you right?
Brisa: Yeah.
Oscar: Bri, I will tell everyone especially my varsity team for them okay?
Brisa: Yeah, just go ahead.
Esteban: Thanks Kari.
Kari: You're welcome.
Oscar: Esteban?
Esteban: Hmm?
Oscar: Esteban, you cheated at my bestie?
Esteban: Yes, I love Kari.
Adrian: Just stay away from Brisa.
(all varsity boys players are laughing at Esteban, and they exited)
Nina: You are so spoiled brat Kari. You know what Kari, just leave.
Kari: Nina, are you mad at me?
Nina: No.
Kari: Geez Nina. No one will talk to me especially Ciara, Erin, you and Brisa.
Nina: They're my sisters.
04-12-2016: Gabby just sawed Brisa's heartbreak crying:
Gabby: Brisa Cantu?
Brisa: Gab. I just slapped Esteban.
Gabby: So sorry about you. I tell them that these guys from the varsity just bullied at Esteban.
Brandon: Brisa, stop fighting. (gets your ice pack)
(flashback: 3/14/2016):
Esteban: Thanks Kari.
Kari: You're welcome.
Oscar: Esteban, you cheated at my bestie?
Esteban: Yes, I love Kari.
Adrian: Just stay away from Brisa.
(all varsity boys players are laughing at Esteban, and they exited)
(flashback ends)
Brisa: Right.
05-24-2016: Good job for the slap fight Brisa:
Abby: What's happening?
Gabby: I'll get Brisa sister Erin. Erin Cantu!
(Erin talking with Adrian)
Erin: Yeah?
Gabby: Your sister got the drama problem.
(Erin, Abby, Gabby and Adrian are looking at the drama scene)
Adrian: Shit, Very drama.
(Brisa enters)
Adrian: Nice fight!
Brisa: (drinks water) Thank you!
05-25-2016: Last Day of seniors/ Viral:
Erin: Why is Gabby on the virgin scene?
Gabby: Shh! I am not officially a virgin, I am okay.
Erin: Well, (gets my perfume, and sprays into my skirt) Smell.
(Brisa enters)
Erin: Sis! (kisses on the cheek)
Brisa: I found Eric Video from Today, that everyone just spoiled like yours.
Oscar: Brisa, why did you post your video?
Brisa: I am allowed to.
(all students laughing at Eric)
Gabby: Success Bri! (hi five)
Brisa: Thank you! (hi five)
(all students stopped laughing)
Tony: Hey Eric, Brisa was mad yesterday, because she hates you.
(all students laughing again)
Nina: Alright guys, that was not nice.
Karina A: Nina, I think Esteban dumped Brisa.
Nina: Eric supposed to be here in class.
Karina A: I know. We are in the academy of class 2016 communication.
Eric: Nina, why did you post on video?
Nina: It wasn't me Eric, it was my sister.
Eric: Next time Brisa, stop posting.
Brisa: Fuck, I didn't meant to.
Ciara (WynWyn Marquez): So, did you need to leave?
Eric: Ciara Cantu, just leave.
Ciara: I was in the enrollment a while ago.
Gabby: Ciara, just stop.
5/27/2016: Brisa sends a graduation gift:
Nina: Thank you Class of 2016 Students who just gave a Brisa's Advertisement for the last time of 2016 Parties have been going on.
Brisa: To be honest everyone, I have some of the graduation gifts for the last class of 2016 party. Get one everyone.
(students take the graduation gift frim Brisa's Advertisement Day)
Bianca Q: Brisa, you just saved our lives without you.
Brisa: Thanks Bianca. There's food and drinks for everyone.
Bianca Q: Ok.
Gabby: Brisa, love your stuff!
Brisa: Well thanks. (gets the coins from my wallet) Graduation gifts are only for 90 cents, and please take our flyers as I needed!
Gabby: Good advertising!
Brisa: Thanks.
Nestor: Brisa, may I have the Graduation gift?
Brisa: Sure!
(Nestor takes the 90 cents in the paying box)
Brisa: Okay have a nice day!
Cook: Brisa Cantu, I just wanna say thank you for recieving those CSF Forms from us, and I got you a new gift on your sweet 16 as well.
Brisa: Aww thanks. (opens the gift, and surprised) Oh my gosh Cook! A New Phone, and it has my name on it. Thank you! (hugs)
Cook: You're welcome Bri. (hugs back)