London Life
2020-12-08 18:53:47 (UTC)

Couldn't find the cafe. Then lost my purse.

Sunday 6th December 2020
Ran up to the woods for a task. I had trouble finding the café where we were meeting, because I took a short cut, found it straight away but didn’t recognise it as the café, from that approach. After doing a circuit of the slippery mud paths, I asked someone directions and he pointed up a path to where the café was visible, and I was just in time. We helped move wood and holly to block a path where a tree might fall down. The ranger then gave us a tour of the wood, which was already being used in Roman times. Fiona brought her puppy, who hasn’t slowed down yet.

I was pleased that we went to the “Hansel and Gretel” cafe for a coffee and soup afterwards; such gatherings have been rare since March, and these were four of my favourite girls, both for beauty and conversation. Ellie comes from Hale, Cheshire but pleasingly she says she never wants to leave North London. She lives in Caledonian Road but wants to move to Hampstead. I said I’d considered taking on an activator job but thought that being in charge might spoil my enjoyment of the tasks. Rachel is going to North Yorkshire with her family for Christmas. Karen had been to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Bridge Theatre. Jack and I are going later in the run, but it’s possible London will be back in Tier 3 so it’ll be cancelled. We were also talking about the shortage of small Christmas turkeys - Ellie only eats meat at Christmas – and about glasses getting steamed up. I told Rachel she’ll need a second pair when she’s 40. I told them about my sister.

We left Karen at a large block behind greenery. It looked as if it could have been one dwelling, so I asked her “is that your house?”. Sadly I realised I’d no longer got my purse, which should have been in my running waistband. I probably lost it when I took my phone out of the waistband, but it could have happened on any of four runs the last two days, since I bought a samosa in Bethnal Green. Karen bought me a coffee, but after I’d looked for ithe purse at home, I had to phone the bank and block my debit card.

I ran back the quick way down Highgate West Hill but couldn’t resist diverting across Parliament Hill, rather than going down the main road. I was a bit late back but Jack had been busy doing Christmas cards. We were thinking of going on a bike ride but it was starting to get dark so we just went to the Everyman for a coffee. We stayed a while, which was quite relaxing, though I had to get home to do another article. When I was doing the cricket article yesterday, I’d consulted a ‘Chronicles’ book I hadn’t used before, which had some good snippets of information I can use for an infrastructure article. But it also had some reports of 1920s and 30s demonstrations, which I integrated into my latest article