Experienced Life
2020-12-08 09:37:55 (UTC)

FB can be unintentionally cruel 😒

Yeah, some fb memories pics can be cruel. I see pics of when the kiddos were with me and having fun. I end up missing them and realizing the love for them never dies. Good in a way but also sad. Too bad the other adult is not thinking of the kids best interest but I've said this can't fix stupid. The girl is 18 now and the boy is 15. I just hope my input into their lives made them better people. I miss them and love them still. These pics popped up on fb today. Pic was from 2012.

Other than that. Today is gonna be a busy busy day at work. Honeymoon is over I guess. Boss was supposed to take it easy on me but that's over now. I knew it wouldn't last long. hehe.
Today's gym session is high intensity cardio. It's called Tabata Tuesday. Most gym peeps dread Tuesdays and even avoid coming on Tuesdays. But for me, it's my favorite. This is where I can push myself to the edge of exhaustion. Love it. After you're done, you get an extra dose of those feel good chemicals.