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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2020-12-08 13:51:07 (UTC)

Day Light Savings Time

Well thank goodness fir day light savings time. We both arranged to leave the office at 5:15 which now allowed it to be totally dark outside. We both hopped in my SUV and drove up to the parking garage roof where there was no cars or anyone to be found. So game was on!! We crawled into the back where I unfastened and slid off her sleek back business suit and white silk blouse. I got her to lean forward toward the front balancing her body by holding Gondi the center console. I slid to the middle of the back seat where I began to eat her drenching hot wet pussy from behind. Taking plenty of time in mastering my oral pleasure skills. Sucking on her swollen clit at times. She orgasmed so quickly that way. and total of three times. Until she got very weak in her knees from all of the pleasure that she had experienced.

She sat back on my lap where her wet pissy got my plants legs very wet. Something I Wouid have to overcome before heading home. Once she regained her composure she dropped her head into my cock Abd sucked it like there was no tomorrow. As worked up as I was it didn’t take long fir my load to blast off into her mouth. It was also on her chin and lips. Very F’ing hot to see. She looked me in the eyes sensually swallowed every drop.

She payed back in my arms where we sat an cuddled and talked fior 20 minutes. I drove back Disney the ramp And let her out at her car. I parked Abd ran back up to the office where I had to do some cleaning on my pants. While I was in the office I get a text from her thst simply said “That was amazing”