Experienced Life
2020-12-07 19:53:45 (UTC)

Mellow Monday 😊

So today was day one of the mandated work from home for our Data Center. It's no longer and option. It's mandated and it'll be like this till at least the end of the year and probably longer. It's not as fun because I don't get to see the other few people that physically go to work too. It's also a tad bit harder to communicate with workers that may not be working as hard as they should. No one to see you so when I post a message to them directly, they don't respond till the end of the day. Sneaky and a little lazy I think. This probably means that they aren't working and just doing their own personal stuff. But that is above my pay grade so I'll bite my tongue, (not for real this time coz it still stings a little from the other day) smile and say la-de-da :) It was pretty busy though and I have two projects that are sort of big but the timeframe the customer wants to complete this is around a year for one. The other is to upgrade our infrastructure and that too is a long never-ending project. All I can say is "Job security". But the customer's project I'm in? I'll forget what the heck I did after awhile. Heck, I forgot what I had for breakfast yesterday. How the heck will I remember this project when it's time to turn it up in a year? Oh boy, gonna have to clear some cobwebs when it's time.

My gym friend asked me to attend the 4:30 PM class today. We normally go to the 5:30 "cool kids" session as I always jokingly say. I was able to fit that in and when we were done, my 5:30PM peeps was showing up and got a little upset (pretending of course) that I went to the earlier class. I even saw the curly haired lady at the 5:30PM class so I wasn't able to hang with her. She still hasn't made friends with anyone there poor thing 🥺. The cliques can be mean sometimes. 😈 Wait!! I'm in it too!! Haha!! But I do try to reach out. Honest.. or I think I do anyway.

Tonight, I'm just cleaning the house somewhat. A guy type of cleaning so this house isn't going to ever be in any Home and Garden magazine....ever :) But yeah, it's been a good day. Laptop fixed 1 day and all the smoke has managed to stay inside and not leak out yet 😂 I think it'll be ok. 28 more days before I take in my truck for the lift kit, rims, and tires!!!! Woohoo!!! 🚘

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