Stop Whispering
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2020-12-07 18:09:00 (UTC)

Work sucks, I know

Today wasn't great at work. Without going into too much detail, there are two managers (J) and (V) and V's daughter (R) also works in the admin office with me. Unsurprisingly, R is incredibly lazy and gets away with not doing anything. And I mean she does NOTHING but sit at a desk on her phone AND gets paid more than me. She is also the most two-faced person I've ever met.
When I first started working in the office, I really liked her and was friends with her as we both have a love of true crime and animals. Another coworker who I work closely with as we do the same job, (M) joined and we became close. R decided to go travelling and took 3 months off and in the meantime, M and I took on her responsibilities rather than R's role be replaced, so she'd have a job to come back to. She came back 3 months later and never took back any of the responsibilities! AND M told me that R was talking badly about me to her mum and J regarding a job I took over for her (on top of my own responsibilities) whilst she was gone. That was when I first realised what a two-faced bitch R was. After that I took note of how she spoke about people behind their backs and constantly told on people, even people she was seemingly super close with even outside of work, and got them in trouble with V and J.

Fastforward to today, M and I were talking about something to do with our work and of course R was listening in. Later on, when M had an update, V butted into our conversation and said something relating to our earlier conversation which I thought was strange, as we hadn't mentioned it to her. After everyone left, I checked the internal instant messages and lo and behold, R (who sits on the desk behind her mum) was messaging her talking shit about M and me! Stirring the pot and telling her mum to let J know as well!! I was fuming the whole drive home and messaged M and let her know. It's so incredibly frustrating - M and I can't even have a conversation without her listening in. They don't like it when we go make coffee at the same time even, so there's no way for me to talk to her without them there, and R is always there. She gets so much special treatment. Another reason to leave this crappy job. They hate it when anyone outside of their circle (three witches) are friends/close and try to stop them working together - they tried to make M take on the secretary's job when she left BUT wanted her to continue doing all her tasks as well! Between the three of them, I think they only do half a person's job and they put so much pressure and expect us to do everything else.
I don't know why I'm dragging my heels on finding another job - I'm sure it's partially because I'll miss how well M and I work together. It's rare finding someone you click with so easily at work. It's especially interesting because she's 9 years younger than me, but has her head screwed on and has been through similar things to me (death of a parent and an eating disorder) and manages to stay unfazed by things I think are total bullshit - I wish I was more like that instead of emotional and obsessed with fairness. Like today, she said she can't be bothered to be angry about it - I wish I could do that, but I don't have an off switch for either my racing brain or my emotional reactions. I'm an HSP through and through.