La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-12-07 14:03:42 (UTC)

52 weeks of new begginings

Welcome another week! Most people hate Mondays but to me there like a new beggining and new begginigs always mean a fresh start regarless of what that might be.
I have been working nonstop to try and have my house ready for the holidays but am also trying to first meet my needs before everyone else's needs. Somethig that does not come easy to me trust me.
We will be going out to one of the other near by towns to have a big yard sale and is something that excites me because you always come across people that you have the oportunity to help. Whether is a mother with a lot of children and you can end up giving her something instead of selling it to them. I will be donating most of the things I have but some I will try to sell because I need that for our xmas presents this year. I really hope my mom can send me pecans this year before xmas that's always a wonderful gift to make candy and give them away it just makes the gift a little more meaningful. Any how better get my day started happy week start to you all.