Experienced Life
2020-12-06 13:14:57 (UTC)

Actions and consequences 🤔

Church here like most other places are online for now. I watched today's service and it made me think. Not gonna cover the bible thumping part but in general, the message sent out today was my actions or lack of actions not only effect me but it effects others around me. Sometimes I forget. I try to improve myself and work on things or at least try to work on things to be a better person. But I forget sometimes. I forget that people around me are effected by my actions or lack of actions. I usually look at the results from my point of view. How I think I become a better person or not. I forget that I effect others around me whether I like it or not. Whether I realize it or not. Hmm...

Even my lack of actions effects others. BTW, no, I will not give every person on the corner of a street asking for money $5. Can't save the world. hehe. I just know that even when I'm not in the picture and someone may need help, by me not lifting a finger effects them too. When I'm around people, that only magnifies the good or bad that I do.

I could be a better worker not just for myself but for my co-workers. I could be a better gym friend and maybe help inspire others near me by being more friendly to the new people that are just shy and quiet and to make them more comfortable. I could be more positive and inspirational to other gym members by encouraging them and telling them things like noticing how they lost weight or improved. I have to admit, I'm so focused on trying not to pass out or lift that weight one more time or go a little heavier on the weights, I forget that others are there doing the same thing and a few kind words would help them a lot. I forget that my meetup group people many being single parents need help from time-to-time with some things. Even just a break to runaway from being a single parent sometimes is all they need. Yeah, I suck at those things. I'm just so selfish working on myself not wanting to pass out during class, not wanting to throw up, stepping on that dang scale hoping to hit my weight.

I forget.... my actions whether I do or don't do anything effects others around me. Sigh......
In lighter news, I made my own concoction of Hawaiian style Tequila. You mix red li hing mui into your tequila. It makes it incredibly easy to go down and that's what makes it dangerous. This tequila was clear like water. Not after I tweaked it. 🤗

Well, my truck isn't gonna get washed and polished by itself. House needs some cleaning and my telekinetic powers seem to be non-existent. I need to hit up the Asian market because I used up all my Red Li Hing Mui on my tequila. Nah, I bet Amazon can take care of that one for me. lol. So one less thing for me to do. After all, it's Sunday. No gym today. Good day to rest my body and soul. hehe.

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