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2020-12-05 21:45:07 (UTC)

Almost killed my laptop 🥺

Today ended up being a great day. Started off with coffee of course and a few moments of quiet time. Then I got to the gym and low and behold, two more people from the old gym came back for the first time since March I think. It's a married couple and it was great seeing the old gym members from our old gym returning. Sorta like a family reunion. It was nice. The guy came and asked how I've been. He knows about my surgery so he was concerned. To be honest though, except for my left hand not having the same grip strength I used to have, everything else if ok. I'm getting my tone in my legs back. My Sponge Bob arms are as good as it can be I guess? hehe. But my cardio is back. Thank goodness for that. I can keep going and going and going again. I see through the side of my eyes that people stop but when they see I keep going, the get back into it again so I guess it helps inspire other people because...yes, like them, I feel the burn in my muscles. I hurt too. I am no different except for the fact that my determination is stronger than most. I don't like to give up.

We chatted after class and took a pic of all the old Sunrise gym peeps again. It feels so good to see us coming back together again. That dang gym was fantastic. Now that we opened up this new gym and it's close to the old one, I hope the new peeps come back. I'm sure at or near New Years, there will be new people joining too so hopefully they stay and we can be an even bigger fit family :)

So tonight, I went and attempted to fix my MacBook. Battery was kaput and it was time to replace it. Thinking I was a badass, I ordered a battery replacement kit and tried it myself. Wasn't easy for me because the screws were so small and my fingers aren't 100% and light detailed feelings are not as easy as before on my left hand. Anyway, I went for it because I'm a typical Alpha male that thinks he can do things even though he shouldn't be. I don't know why but Apple loved to glue the heck out of the batteries. And it wasn't just a one piece battery too. There are like 6 of them in an array like a Batman utility belt. Removing the old battery was a pain in the butt. Cleaning the leftover gunk took just as long too and I had to do it because below it (when upside down) is the track pad. If that is pinched by too much junk blocking the way, it won't work well. Finally, I got the batteries removed. Then it took forever to clean the gunk off. Installed the new battery, buttoned it up, pressed the power button, and....FAILED!!! It was beeping indicating it failed the post (Power on self test). Checked online and it doesn't have an answer to that problem. It had a constant beep every 5 seconds or close to it. I reseated the battery cable and tried again. No-go. I did that 4 times because you know, 3rd times the charm right? Well, nope! Not is this case. At that moment, I was thinking about how far I could launch my laptop across the room without it hitting any glass. So I calmed down and rigged my old battery back onto the laptop without all the mounting. Just disconnected the new battery connection (which was already stuck with all that sticky crap like the original) and reconnected my old battery. Voila!! It powered back up so I knew I didn't muck up my other laptop parts. This one final time, I checked the cable on the new battery and made sure it was bent in a way that it isn't pinched. I carefully reconnected it back to the main board and was actually recording what was going to happen so I could return it back to the manufacturer for proof that it didn't work. I already recorded my old battery dangling powering up my laptop to prove the rest of my laptop was ok. So like I said, reconnected the new battery while recording, powered it up and of course, it comes up!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!! Whew!!! One less thing to worry about I guess. Checked to see if it was really a new battery and yup, it shows that it's on it's first cycle and the capacity was awesomely high. Anything close to 9,000 micro Amp capacity is awesome and it read right!! The almost expensive frisbee is once again my laptop :) Now where is my glass of wine?

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