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2020-12-06 01:43:00 (UTC)

Maris Redona Trending Pictures Part 1(2018-19):

As Maris:
03-05-2018: Maris standing in 4th period
03-06-2018: Maris just sawed by 1st, and elp3 days.
03-07-2018: Maris in Period 5 this morning.
03-08-2018: Maris, Ricardo, Rolando in elp1
03-09-2018: Maris and Rolando in Assembly for teachers vs students
03-12-2018: Maris sad about the class, and Lopez abrazo Maris in 5th period.
03-14-2018: Lopez and Maris in Period 5 nothing to appear about the bell ring
04-03-2018: Maris wearing the barbie Tee in Period 1-3
04-05-2018: Maris and Rolando in Elp2 Photoshoot (5 photos)
04-06-2018: Rique, Maris in Grass field behind the PE for the fire drill. Sorry Tiffany!
04-09-2018: Maris in Period 3 in stairs sitting
04-10-2018: Maris in period 2 abrazo Rolando
04-13-2018: Maris during the baseball behind the scenes
04-16-2018: Ricardo and Maris in 4th period, got using the makeup in class.
04-17-2018: Maris, Rolando, Sammy in 2nd period holding that wasn't us!
04-19-2018: Maris on her photoshoot in period 2 again.
04-20-2018: Rolando and Maris in 5th period walkout
04-23-2018: Maris in Period 2 when she was sweating
04-24-2018: Lopez and Maris in Period 2
04-26-2018: Lopez and Maris in the middle room, Maris with Rolando in elp1
04-27-2018: Maris in Jose's Night
04-30-2018: Maris in Nut Break
05-03-2018: Maris holding the tools in the car
05-07-2018: Maris in Period 2
05-08-2018: Maris with Sam in elp3.
05-13-2018: Maris dressed as a mermaid for her 18th birthday prod.
05-14-2018: Maris breakdown moment
05-15-2018: Maris, Sammy, and Rolando in lunch and before class.
05-19-2018: Maris celebrated 18 Illegal Day with her mermaid costume.
05-24-2018: Jonny and Maris in Period 3 nothing for the fight in alert
05-25-2018: Maris in Period 5 for the Papi Mode.
05-29-2018: Maris, Memo in Period 1 wearing these Minecraft Masks after the senior finals are over.
05-30-2018: Maris got feared in Period 2!
06-04-2018: Casey and Maris in Graduation 2018
06-12-2018: Maris laughing when Speed is still in class
06-18-2018:At Alex's 17 Day, Maris sharing her weekend, after her boo got crashed 😂
07-23-2018: Sammy and Maris returned poster is here!
07-25-2018: Reveal meet the Maris' closest friends
07-27-2018: Reveal for the Yearbook in Wolf canyon 2010-2011 signing then, and now for the July 2018 with Rolando
07-30-2018: Maris in 5th period passing.
08-01-2018: Maris holding her picture frame that Rolando pic.
08-03-2018: Maris watching Star Wars movie while she is taking off the lei in her leg, Bryana Sam and Maris in Nut break sessions.
08-06-2018: Ana and Maris in 2nd period
08-08-2018: Maris writing the journal in 6th period for the behind the scenes
08-09-2018: Maris misses Rolando in 5th and 6th period pictures
08-10-2018: Murguia, Maris and Rolando in 5th period