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2020-12-05 22:43:00 (UTC)

Shoutout Tuesdelicious: December 8, 2020:

Spiel: Chris, Nate La Nate, Monique M.
Clip: Jianni is late for the graduation for the pic take.
Clip: Noir Shares her Graduation experience since 2016
Clip: Performance in Opening: Oh Santa in Mariah Carey Experience in appleTV: Gim P, Jian Q and Serena S (Gim as Jennifer Hudson, Jian as Mariah Carey and Serena S as Ariana Grande)
Left: Jianni Left, because she was on Friends Thurs
Game: Christmas Day 8: Mariah Carey Experience on AppleTV: Serena S with Liza (Serena Official Fanclub), Curtis S with Diana (Curtis Kings OFC), Kyler S with Almira (Team Kyler OFC) and Aulana S with Rachelle (Lana Queens)
Express Yourself Audience Virtual: Glenn G and Kylee O. (Kirstyn S, Roman Palo)
Fanart Virtual: Lauren H, Luisa R and Leslie Q. (Anthony G and Chris Clede)

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