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2020-12-05 09:23:02 (UTC)

Biting my tongue 🤪

I actually did bite my tongue. Eating some tri-tip last night. Not paying attention I guess doing multiple things (besides breathing. lol) and bit down hard like a dumb-dumb. 🤪 So yeah, I actually look like my emoji right now. So drinking coffee this morning is a little funky. It hurts on the spot I bit and it hurts more with coffee going on it so I have to drink it like Quasimodo to not hurt tongue further. Only got maybe 15 min to goof off before I have to get ready for the morning gym class. Saturday morning sessions are the toughest. Bones are still creaking this early and I'm not so much a morning person. I'd starve if I was a bird and would never get any worms.

After gym class, not much to do. Well, cleaning the house is never-ending so some of that I guess. Get my truck washed and waxed and finally take my MacBook apart and replace that internal battery. It's a big array of batteries too. Hope I don't mess up because I can't buy another laptop just yet. Money is tied up and I still need to pay the other 1/2 of my gym's two year contract this month. I owe another $1,000. Sheezz. I know it's a lot but it was $2,000 for two more years. My gym membership's new expiration date is around 5/2023. So you know, investing in my future to try and stay healthy.

Anyway, looking forward to my truck being modded. Just 30 more days before I drop it off at the shop. I'm also wondering if I should try on my suits again. A little nervous to try because of the "Covid" weight gain I'm sure some of us experienced. I'm still stuck at 163 lbs so I don't want to freak out if I try on my pants and find it a little.....snug. Hell no! I need to give myself maybe at least another month before I give it a try because if I do right now and fail, I won't be able to do anything about it. Well, I can but it will be a long slow process to get trimmed down correctly. So I'll give it another month or two. I can wear my jacket but at the moment, I'm cheating because I'm wearing my looser casual pants with it. Still works but I did it out of fear and not for fashion. 🥴

That's it for now. Gotta get my creaky morning bones ready for the gym. Smile even though you're wearing a mask. You heart will still know :)

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