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me and my life
2020-12-05 08:10:48 (UTC)

Mixed emotions

Ya yaaa, I am feeling mixed emotions lately. I was sad and upset and stressed yesterday as my interview which was scheduled dint happen for silly reason so I was upset that am losing chance for just stupid reasons like they were not able to connect to zoom and they called me in their office which is not OK with me in this pandemic.
Today I am feeling good actually am feeling good since yesterday as I did my night rituals pampered myself a bit with cleanup and all. today am feeling good because I chose to. I played music in the bathroom while bathing, I did all my kitchen thing easy like prepped every thing masala, peeled garlic, kneaded dough which will make my work really easy. tomorrow ill make coriander wadi hehehe why am I so happy doing kitchen work I shouldn't ideally lolz...
also am happy because ill have wine tomorrow yepiii with my bestie... now ill search for good digital marketing class and also a job hunt and also i should start with my ielts preparations. too much to do. am gonna use afternoon time productively. also ill do some asanas from today. i feel little boosted its all about your mind. try to be happy and yo'ull be happy. alright time for some food. cyaaaaa

and yaaaa i miss him eerrggggg....