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2020-12-04 19:04:48 (UTC)

Our Governor the King! PFFFT!! 😤

We got news today that we can't physically go to work now. All work has to be done at home. the hell am I going to be able to get a router and/or switch and configure it to be deployed? Well, we ain't. Gonna be lots of thumb twiddling shortly. We are locked down for three weeks. Oh well, still getting paid so la-de-da. Got help from someone to get my Python app working. He first told me to create a batch file with a text editor, reroute the location of the file, run Python and I'm good to do. I said "Please repeat after 'create' " hehe. You kidding me? Anyway, we did it and like a light bulb, we just did good old DOS configs. Doh!!! It was that easy and I slapped myself for being such a dumb dumb. So I'm good to go now.

Gym class was fun. There was a guy joined and it was his first day. The director which is the head of our specific gym told us not to work him too hard as it's his first day and he needs to be able to walk. Joking I said "Walking is overrated coach!" 🤪. Yup...was being a smartass. I never forgot my first week just a few years ago. I couldn't even get out of my car when I got home. So yeah... I should've just shut up. But I didn't so hmph!!!

The older guy that recovered from his shoulder injury was there and we worked out side by side next to each other. Separate designated squares though so it was within Covid regs. 🥱
He knows what I got done to my truck so he wants to do a remote tailgate install. Told him to let me know and I can help him put it together. Easy day at the gym today.

Superstar is out and about now so she's good to get her own meals. I stopped by the market on the way home and picked up a tr-tip. I'll smoke that in a bit and do a reverse sear on it. Don't mind me when I say that. I don't know poop about grilling. I just have a couple of smokers and I'm just learning the lingo. The attempt anyway is to cook it with the smoke flavoring seeping into the meat then sear it last for that slightly caramelized flavor. It may suck but I have wine to go with it so the try-tip will go down one way or another.

Not sure if I want to replace the laptop battery on my MacBook yet. Maybe tomorrow after the morning gym class. Otherwise, it's the weekend baby!!!! Time for some food and alcohol debauchery. 🥩🍷. Patiently waiting for Jan 5th. That's the day I take my truck in to get my mods done. Seems like a long ways away.

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