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2020-12-05 00:27:04 (UTC)

Entry For Right Now

Dear Diary,
I'm so sad. I was playing Among Us and I met a really nice person there. We started watching out for each other and teaming up. One round, I was the imposter and so they had my back. Well, I ended up getting caught, but they tried to protect me. The host told us they were gonna kick us out and actually did end up banning us. So now thanks to them, I can never play or talk to the person again! It's so dumb! I wish Among Us had a friend system or something. I wish I could play with them again. Okay, now that I've let my frustration out a bit, how was today? Well, right now I have a headache, and I kinda want to eat some ice for some reason. Not really feeling anything except frustration at the moment. I might go through some diaries and just read them. Sometimes I wish I could help people, even though I probably need help myself. Anyways, might write later, not sure, bye.