London Life
2020-12-04 23:51:51 (UTC)

Two more nights in. - despite the end of the lockdown

We went to the recycling centre yesterday, though Jack didn’t get far, with his orange bag full of old VHS cassettes, which was on the brink of collapse within 200 metres.

We went to E Mono on the way back, where you get the best falafels in the borough. They even let us sit down and eat in there, now we’re out of the lockdown and into Tier 2 restrictions.
In the evening I sorted through some old paperwork, rescued recently from my desk in the office . A lot of the stuff was my former colleague Martina’s paperwork. I was a bit obsessed with her at one time, but I don’t know why I’ve got all that stuff.

In the evening we had one of my home-made lentil loaves and joined some of my running group online – including Simon, Lorna and Becky J – to watch two films made by an Aussie, Beau Miles. One was about him exploring a disused railway line, not all the route being easy to find anymore. A second film had him running a marathon, by doing a circular mile every hour throughout a day (3 miles the first hour) while doing some work between the laps. We were a bit late getting the software to work. We were supposed to make written comments alongside the films, but not many were made.

It was announced that there would be a ballot for football tickets, for the next three home games, but I had trouble updating my account, because whenever I entered my phone number against ‘mobile number’, an error message said “not correct format for a phone number”. Eventually I tried entering our landline number, which ludicrously it accepted, although I’d already entered this under ‘Landline’.

Then today when the ballot opened, the page wouldn’t stay down long enough to make my choices at the bottom of the page. However, I got there in the end, though on one of the fixture dates, we’ve booked to see a comedian the same night. I really want just to see the Boxing Day fixture, there being little else to do that day, but you can’t choose which match you get.

The German vaccine has been approved for use, by the UK regulator, with a couple of ministers being ludicrously triumphant that this country had been first in the license a vaccine. This despite it being in every country’s interests for the vaccine to get going all round the world. And making a big issue of being first might give an impression of undue haste. Matt Hancock even suggested this was a Brexit dividend, even though we’re still in the transition period, so bound under the same rules as when we were in the EU.

Today for lunch we went to the garden centre café; we got a delicious soup, but the enchiladas was a bit hot. We couldn’t sit by the window, and sadly my favourite sexy waitress wasn’t there. I had a scare when I tried to open the Top 100, as half a day’s work didn’t seem to have saved. I planned it well yesterday: instead of drifting along, I decided to hunker down on the Top 100 until 11:00, then work, and the same in the minutes up to 15:00. At about the fourth attempt, I found the changes had been saved, and I published it on a Friday for the first time for several weeks. It helped that I ditched the useless mouse, after thinking for weeks it was the laptop which was letting me down.

We also destroyed an estate agent sign outside the flats, within an hour of it going up. They know the rules. We were going to go for a coffee at the Everyman this evening. I wanted to do a test run before tomorrow, as I had to pull up early the other day when I discovered an injury from the day before, so we were going to run to the Coffee shop.

But Jack worked really late so after getting some of the mess out from the side of the wardrobe – another lockdown job not done yet – I just did an eight-minute run, and I think my foot’s all right for tomorrow. My ankle still feels weak though, as it has since August.