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2020-12-04 22:13:00 (UTC)

Alexa Redona: Trending Pictures: 2017-2018:

As Alexa (2017-2018):
10-26-2017: Alexa in 2nd period llorar
10-27-2017: Alexa in 6th period for testing out
10-31-2017: Alexa as a witch
11-02-2017: Alex, Sam, and Lilli in Period 3
11-06-2017: Rolando signs Alex yearbook, and Alex gaves a hug.
11-13-2017: Alexa and Rolando are dating
11-14-2017: Alexa for the faint chest photoshoot during the episode of Bloody Alexandra, Alexa gets upset for the Esteban's date in offcam
11-15-2017: Rique with Alexa elp5
11-16-2017: Rolando in 2nd period with Alexa and Alexa's classmates
11-28-2017: Alex got the back ache during elp1
11-29-2017: Alex and Rique are engaged for the second time during the 5th period when Esteban got upsets, and Alexa got so mad at 6th period issues.
11-30-2017: Alexa crying at the end of the day, RoLexa in Elp2 for their photoshoot
12-01-2017: Alexa with her boyfriend hugged each other
12-02-2017: Alexa bad Things Music Video, as seen Alexa cheated Esteban.
12-03-2017: At Mark's Birthday, Alexa shares with her best friend for the first time for the aftermath Music Video day.
12-04-2017: During Pau's Sweet 16, Alexa confessions with Rolando on Period 2!
12-05-2017: Alex gets jealous for the single date.
12-06-2017: Alex doing the heart pose each other in 6th period
12-07-2017: Alex and Sam on 2nd period
12-11-2017: Alex beso Rolando in Period 2
12-12-2017: Alexa in her photoshoot on Period 1 and 4
12-13-2017: Alex gets ready for eoc!
12-14-2017: Alexa in 3rd period celebrating our anniversary 2 years
12-15-2017: Alexa in period 1 with her boo
12-25-2017: Alexa enjoying her puppy on her Christmas break with wearing her cosmo red sweater
12-31-2017: End of the 2017 Pics as shown on their fanpages.
01-06-2018: Alexa for her photoshoot in Justice Catalog 2018
01-09-2018: Alexa for the Semester 2 Photoshoot
01-10-2018: Sad part for Alexa
01-11-2018: Alexa and Rolando in elp1 for Sal's birthday celebration
01-14-2018: Alex, Roman, Jorge T and Rolando in Nightlife, as seen Rolando and Alexa are the piggyback each other arms

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