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2020-12-04 22:08:00 (UTC)

Daniela Redona: Trending Pictures (2017-):


As Dani (2017-):
09-18-2017: Dani with Brisa for the dance practice
10-04-2017: Dani with Rolando on 2nd period
10-06-2017: Dani in Homecoming 2017
10-07-2017: Hoco Daniela
10-09-2017: Dani Best Hoco 2017
10-11-2017: Jose and Dani in Period 4 doing a duck face during the psat senior week
10-13-2017: Dani on Battle of the O's
10-14-2017: Order before the spooky
10-15-2017: Montse, Dani in Spooky 2017 production
10-16-2017: Dani enjoying the 2nd period
10-20-2017: Amira and Dani in elp5 for holding the softballs