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2020-12-04 09:41:11 (UTC)

"To Dos" 😊

Just like that, it's already Friday. Last night's gym session was core and calf heavy but checked this morning and no muscle aches on my core which means I didn't try hard enough last night. Hollow hold, slow motion mountain climbers, and sit ups. I struggled last night expecting myself to be hurting today but I'm not so I need to try a little harder next time. My calfs are hurting though so I did good there. Got some tone back into my legs so I'm liking the results of busting my butt 6 days a week since coming back.

I have a few things to take care of at work but it should be a light Friday. My battery kit for my MacBook came in and I'll attempt to swap those out myself this weekend. Hope I don't muck that up. I want to try and get the house cleaned up a bit. Not dirty but it could be cleaner. No social events this weekend planned or at least I don't think I do which I guess is good because I guess that Covid thing is messing things up and our Governor is putting more rules we need to follow. King Governor. Pfffft!!!

My friend Jen posted on fb how it's going crazy at her home. Single Mom and her now 16 yr old daughter is being a 16 yr old daughter I guess and a lot of drama going on in her home. She is feeling down because of it. Didn't want to tell her that at least she's still in the game battling. I don't even get a chance to do that and it's been no contact for four years now. But I didn't want to confuse her more so I just said I'm here to listen if she wanted to talk.

Finally, I broke through the 800 barrier on my fico score. Final-effing-eee!!!! Just one more New year's goal achieved!!! I know stocks usually go up during an election year so maybe just maybe I can be in the right position to think about buying a home. Or at least take a look at my options because I suspect after an election year, it'll turn to poop (economy), people's unemployment will expire because the Gov't can't be giving away money for that much longer. Covid is putting the economy in a tailspin. This combination of storms may cause the housing market to barf it's guts out. Homes I think may be walked away from like that other bubble and maybe just maybe the prices will drop down. If not, oh well. I'll still be doing my thang :)

That's it for now. Time for coffee

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