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2020-12-04 15:55:00 (UTC)

Drama Moments For MUCH TV Shows:

1) My Girl: Kimberly Tassinari (January 16, 2014: Thursday Episode)
2) The Lucky One: Brisa G (January 29, 2015: Thursday Episode)
Sister of Brisa: Guys enough already! (gets Esteban's phone, and deletes the Kim photo)
Angel: Bri sister, stop!
Sister of the Brisa: (shocked) Slut! (catfight)
3) Rolando x Maris: Kiara M (September 6, 2019: Friday Episode):
Jorge T: Kiki?
Kiara: Don't you ever call me Kiki again!
(Kiara slams the bedroom door)
Jorge T: Kiara! (knocks on the door, crying)
4) Rolando x Maris: Alexa Fernanda (September 10, 2019: Tuesday Episode)
At Alexa Fernanda's Apartment: Apartment 10:
Alejandro: Alex. Roman cheated on you?
Alexa: Yeah, he lied. (takes off the photo out in the picture frame) (tears the Roman picture)
Alejandro: (hugs)
5) Rolando x Maris: Maristellar Redona (October 29, 2019: Tuesday Episode)
6) Rolando x Alexa: Alexandra Redona (December 5, 2017: Tuesday Episode)
7) Rolando x Alexa: Alexandra Redona (November 30, 2017: Thursday Episode)
8) Collided: Brisa Cantu and Esteban G (August 17, 2015: Monday Episode)
9) Collided: Brisa Cantu and Eric (May 24, 2016: Tuesday Episode)
10) The Lucky One: Brisa G (March 5, 2015: Thursday Episode)
11) My Girl: Kim Y Isaac (March 20, 2014: Thursday Episode)
12) Undivided: Diana L (November 14, 2011: Monday Episode)
Maria (Arie Reyes): Diana, what happened to your blood?
Diana: Franco pranked me!
Maria: Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! (hugs)
13) Undivided: Diana L (February 2, 2012: Thursday Episode)
14) Ricardo X Katerina: Katerina Lopez (April 20, 2017: Thursday Episode)
15) Collided: Brisa y Esteban (April 12, 2016: Tuesday Episode)
16) Undivided: Paulina Castro (May 6, 2013: Monday Episode)
Naomi (Tippy D): Paulina, why are you gonna slap the other classmates? That's not fair!
Paulina: Not true! (slaps)
(Naomi and Paulina are fight each other)
Franco (Jason M): Naomi and Paulina! That's enough fighting! Paulina Hannah Castro, you will suspended from school.
Paulina: Dad, that's not true!
Franco: Go to your room, and write these no hitting 15 times on your paper.
(Paulina exits)
Franco: Same as you! Write 17 times that it says No Vaping in 2nd period.
Karina (Rachel N): Come on Franco, these sisters are suspended from the middle school.
17) Undivided: Paulina Castro (May 10, 2013: Friday Episode)
Naomi: Paulina? They're spreading rumors.
Paulina: You are so evil Naomi!
Naomi: Not true! I don't even care!
18) Ricardo X Katerina: Kate y Ricardo (December 15, 2016: Thursday Episode)
19) Ricardo x Katerina: Alex Y Katerina (April 20, 2017: Thursday Episode)
20) The Lucky One: Brisa G (January 13, 2015: Tuesday Episode)
21) Collided: Brisa (May 22, 2015: Friday Episode)
22) The Morales Sisters: Violeta y Letty (June 24, 2020: Wednesday Episode)
23) Rolando x Maris: Rolando y Maris (May 20, 2019: Monday Episode):
24) Rolando x Maris: Sam x Bryana (May 20, 2019: Monday Episode):
25) The Lucky One: Brisa G: (January 13, 2015: Tuesday Episode)
26) The Lucky One: Brisa y Esteban: (March 9, 2015: Monday Episode)
27) The Lucky One: Brisa Y Esteban: (March 6, 2015: Friday Episode):
28) The Lucky One: Brisa (February 3, 2015: Tuesday Episode):
29) Rolando x Maris: Maris (September 12, 2018: Wednesday Episode):
30) Undivided: Diana L (March 20, 2012: Tuesday Episode):

31) My Girl: Kimberly and her dad (May 6, 2014: Tuesday Episode):
32) Undivided: Paulina C and Naomi C (March 1, 2013: Friday Episode)
Naomi: You slapped Jeremy?
Paulina: Yeah, you are so mean!
Naomi: I am the only on in this house!
33) The Lucky One: (January 28, 2015: Wednesday Episode)
Brisa: Esteban, I am so sorry about your bowling date--
(Esteban began to slap Brisa in the face)
34) Undivided: Naomi and Paulina (May 13, 2013: Monday Episode):
35) Undivided: Paulina and her father (July 12, 2013: Friday Episode):
36) The Lucky One: Matt and Brisa (June 26, 2014: Thursday Episode):
Matt: Bree! (kisses your forehead) You felt heartbroken right now.
Brisa: (crying) Yeah, he broke my heart yesterday.
Matt: That kid.
Brisa: Yeah.
Matt: What's going on here?
Brisa's Ex Boyfriend: Matt, Brisa holding hand first.
Matt: What?! Brisa let's go to your summer school class.
Brisa: Ok.
(they walked back to the summer school classroom together)
37) The Lucky One: Brisa is sick: (Finale: May 15, 2015):
Brisa's Mom: What did you do to you Esteban?!
Esteban: She lied to me.
Brisa's Sister: (middle finger)
38) The Lucky One: Wisdom Teeth: (April 6, 2015: Monday Episode)
Brisa's Father: Brisa, let me see your tooth. (looks at your wisdom tooth of the dental appointment) I am so sorry.
(Brisa hugs her father in the past)
39) The Lucky One: (March 9, 2015: Monday Episode):
40) Rolando x Katerina (April 24, 2017: Monday Episode):
41) Rolando x Maris (March 5, 2019: Tuesday Episode):
42) The Morales Sisters: Maxine and Brisa: (December 22, 2020: Tuesday Episode):
Maxine: Brisa?
Brisa: (slaps Maxine in the face, and starts crying) Are you crazy?!
Maxine: (crying) No. You are! I am so sorry.
Violet: Maxine, it's fine.
Maxine: (hugs Brisa)
Brisa: I am your friend still?
Maxine: We're officially friends Brisa, thank you.
43) The Morales Sisters (January 7, 2021: Thursday Episode):
44) The Morales Sisters (February 16, 2021: Tuesday Episode):
45) The Morales Sisters (March 16, 2021: Tuesday Episode):
46) Rolando x Maris:

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