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Katerina Pictures: (2016-17): Trending Pictures:

As Katerina:
11-03-2016: Katerina and Lopez in 3rd period
11-04-2016: Katerina and Lopez on their 2nd year anniversary!
11-08-2016: Kate and Lopez in 3 and 5 period pics!
11-10-2016: Kate Selfish moment, and Kate with the late Jonny Day
11-17-2016: Katerina secreto in Period 1
12-14-2016: Kate's 1st anniversary.
12-15-2016: Max and Katerina in 3rd period and 6th.
12-16-2016: Katerina just spiked out on the 3rd period.
01-11-2017: Katerina her pinky finger
01-26-2017: Katerina finger moment because of Lopez
02-06-2017: The Last Group Tho
02-08-2017: Best Funny moment of the day
02-13-2017: All Period 5 People holding No Eric Day
02-14-2017: Breakdown Moment of Tiffany
02-15-2017: Rolando, Katerina and Lopez in Hitler Day!
02-16-2017: Kate x Lopez On Green Day
02-24-2017: Fuck Eric Day in Labs
02-27-2017: Three Little Partners!
03-03-2017: Help these out for Rolando
03-06-2017: Kate sunglasses and gangsta!
03-08-2017: Fast Katerina! 😂😂😂😂
03-09-2017: Katerina and Cantu are missing each other's face
03-10-2017: Katerina's presentation Still laughing.
03-12-2017: Katerina enjoying her nightlife
03-14-2017: Lopez and Kate in Period 1
04-04-2017: Kate post the rumor comment for Brandon's Instagram Page
04-06-2017: Kate and Ricardo slogan day
04-07-2017: Kate and Lopez in period 5 for not gonna read.
04-10-2017: Kate and Rolando playing rock paper scissors moment
04-13-2017: Pecker Moment time at elp1
04-20-2017: Rolando and Katerina meet each other
04-21-2017: Kiss moment RedoKate
04-25-2017: Max and Katerina in 3rd period thumbs down and holding the sign: Thank u in the world
04-28-2017: Lopez and Kate in Period 5
05-15-2017: Lazy song challenge
05-19-2017: Katerina holding her cake on 5th period, and Assembly Day.
05-20-2017: Katerina last night post
05-21-2017: Katerina drinking
05-22-2017: Shoutout Friends thurs Photoshoot 2017
05-23-2017: Purple Day For RedoKate
05-30-2017: Katerina not finish her test food yet!
05-31-2017: Katerina on the Eoc, Bye My love moment
06-02-2017: Katerina scares Cobian's earphones on their last day photoshoot
07-07-2017: Katerina dancing time!
07-21-2017: RedoKate Is Back!
07-24-2017: RedoKate 2nd period day
07-25-2017: Katerina and Rolando in 2nd period introduction with Abby (freshmen meets the lovers)
07-26-2017: Jackie and Kate in Lunch for apple throw!
08-02-2017: Kate in 4th period.
08-08-2017: RedoKate in 2nd period
08-09-2017: Emilio and Kate first together
08-15-2017: Desiree and Katerina in Twitter Party, Ian and Kate awkward romance moment.
08-16-2017: Kate with Emilio for the water throw fight day in Period 6.
08-18-2017: Katerina holding the Kortv Afternoon 😂
08-21-2017: Katerina sad in 5th period.
08-22-2017: Katerina on lunch dance moment
08-28-2017: Katerina tells Rolando to break Esteban
08-29-2017: Breakup Day with RedoKate and Esteban
08-31-2017: Katerina felt sad for Esteban got the 3 points.
09-01-2017: Katerina and Rolando hugged for the 1st time
09-07-2017: Katerina checks the Birthday on next Thursday
09-11-2017: RedoKate On Period 2
09-12-2017: Jose and Katerina in elp2
09-13-2017: Katerina and Vieroni in elp5 Katerina is laughing because Morales put Rolando Absent.
09-15-2017: Katerina in Hoco 2017 picture