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2020-12-04 04:41:29 (UTC)


dear diary,
The day just started and I've already cried so much. I know I shouldn't of blackmailed that boy but I did and theirs nothing I can do about it. people call me a nerd but little do they know I am actually failing in math, science, and geo. if I don't get my grades up I might not pass 6th grade. I feel so depressed and usually id go on a walk and take my dog with me and tell her about everything then i would get back home and snuggle with her but she died. this has been a horrible year. first corona then my aunt had a miscarriage then my grandpa died then my dog died my grades started failing i thought about suicide my little house that i spent years working on dragging logs and dig holes and fitting wood in the ground lots of hard work caught on fire. my life honestly sucks my best friend right now is god.