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2020-12-03 21:07:03 (UTC)

Work work work!! 🥺

Another new project came up and I'm supposed to learn it then teach my group how to do it. Uh...yeah.. Just got back from surgery less than a month ago and I'm supposed to learn and train these guys now? Sigh.. And my Python app is not cooperating with my desktop. hehe. I'm not a programmer. And we need to use Python for part of the project but we're working on Juniper QFX devices for the leaf-and-spine deployment. Confused by this mumbo-jumbo? No worries, so am I. hehe. Not enough coffee in the world to get me to be good at that. But hey, baby needs new shoes. But there is no baby and no shoes needed. My truck is the thing costing me a few bucks so that's what it'll be for.

I did the usual gym thing again tonight and see my old pal that has been gone even longer than I have. He's an older guy but he pushes harder than the youngens. He had shoulder surgery. Anyway, I just told him I blame him for all the money I'm spending now. You see, he let me take a quick ride in his Toyota Tacoma a few years back and here I am, 2 yrs later with a new truck and spent buku bucks in accessories for it. hehe. We got to chat for a bit about our trucks. He has a tan one while mine of course is red. . Told my friend if he wants to, I can help him install a remote tailgate kit for his Tacoma too if he wants.

It's nice to see the ex Sunrise gym peeps starting to return. Little by little, I see them trickling back. At home now. Bottom hemisphere is in commando mode. Today's cardio was intense and my shorts are soaked. Wet from sweat and not from #1. 🤪 Need to stretch out a little bit tonight. Gotta work on my dang hip flexors. Good night for now diary.

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