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2020-12-03 16:01:07 (UTC)


dear diary,
Everyone just says I’m a mistake. No one likes me. Hi I’m Alice I’m 11 yrs old. Their is a group chat called “cool kids” and apparently I’m not cool enough to be in it but my brother is. I’ve always been made fun of because I’m smart people say i'm a nerd and the fact that I wear glasses doesnt help. There is also another group chat that we all talk in. My brothers one friend kept making fun of me so i got my brothers phone and screenshotted his messages with him about liking a girl that i know who im not exactly friends with. i then sent him the screenshots and said if he mad fun of me one more time i would send them to the girl. this went on for about a month. He then got tired of it and said he was just gonna tell her. so he did he told her by sending her all his messages with me. she then sent it to the group chat. i was so mad. but then i looked over and saw my brothers phone blowing up. so i looked and it was from that girl and so i scrolled up in their messages and my brother apparently mada a new group chat and said i wouldnt know about it. it got me so mad but i also feel so depressed.