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2020-12-03 08:53:21 (UTC)

New Friend 🙂

Met a new friend at the gym yesterday...sorta. We were in class and we were placed in our individual 8'x8' area 6' apart of course. This lady was next to me and she looked familiar till it hit me. On my last day before surgery (Aug 10th I believe) I met her. She was new at the time and I know how scary it can be being the only there not knowing anyone and being rejected by the "cliques". hehe. So I recall chatting with her trying to make her comfortable and not feel so alone. She looked so lost and she was pretty quiet. That was the last I saw of her till yesterday. Yesterday, the coach said to pick a partner next to us and find out their names. They are again starting to make the gym peeps sort of bond within the class which is awesome. So her name I recall is Erica and we chatted a little bit. She was previously on a 6 week challenge and is now doing a monthly membership which is expensive. Told her she should just join the annual membership.

During class, I noticed she did pretty good. She may be newer in this gym but she's no stranger to working out. She's now been with the gym for about 4 months so I asked her if she has a lot of friends now and she said no. She doesn't know anyone in last night classes. Auwwwee. Felt bad for her because I knew almost everyone in last night's class except for a few newbies. She asked what classes I usually go to so she can come to those and I told her. She is such a sweet looking lady. Not sure if it's good for her to be friends with me. That's how sweet an innocent she looks. hehe. But I can't break my rule about the gym so just friends it'll be. Still....she has such cute brown curly hair dang it!!

Can't dilly dally much this morning. Got an early conference call. Later diary :)

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