London Life
2020-12-02 23:31:22 (UTC)

Best cities and worst sitcom

Started work at 09:30 yesterday and was almost immediately phoned by my boss about getting another mail merge done. We went to St Espresso for lunch and sat it in the old Cemetery watching children play, and when I got back I was being asked to set up a lot of emails, not realising that the PDFs had already been done.

I remembered I was supposed to do some shopping for an isolating lady. If I’d have remembered earlier, I’d have started work at 08:00. I had to promise to return to work after the task. As it happened, both the other two girls in the team separately offered to help me, just when I was preparing to leave.

The lady lived in Chalk Farm, so within an hour I’d cycled over there, found her flat (after going the wrong way off the main road, as well as misremembering the name of her block), got her bread, milk and doughnuts and got home again. Having found one of my gloves on the ground when I went to retrieve my bike outside the shop, I saw the other outside my flat when I got home.

I worked until 19:00, did some vegetables we’d got cheap from the Co-op which later gave me chest pains, and instead of doing more tidying up we watched three episodes of a poor 70s sitcom ‘Yus My Dear’. There was the occasional laugh to be had, but it was clichéd, it didn’t have much period interest, and somehow the character who always wore low-cut mini dresses still didn’t look sexy. It was once voted as one of the worst ever sitcoms.

The Arcadia Group, containing Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins, has collapsed, bringing down with it Debenhams which was founded in 1778.

Today was a manic day at work, trying to get the letters out. I was planning to go to the warehouse at lunchtime to see if I could find my £44 cycling jacket I left there on Saturday which was effectively a present from Jack’s parents. I wasn’t able to go, because of work, but I contacted Hilary who was going there today and got her to ask the staff. She asked where exactly I’d been working, and she thought they might have assumed it was a donation, which wouldn’t be a bad way to lose it.

I unwound by looking at sexy rap-girl videos and online gratuitous thong swimming cossie “try-ons”, and put on a random month’s music, of my favourite songs from April 2018, while catching up on New Journals and reading the Guardian on my phone.

“Best Cities”, using a points system, calculated London as the world's best city for the 6th year in a row, ahead of Paris, Moscow and Tokyo. I don’t rate Paris or Moscow, as a visitor - I prefer places like Munich or Luxembourg City, but the survey is really about the best city to live in, London being such a diverse mix of green spaces and nightlife.

We went to the re-opened Box Park for lunch, then inside the cafe by the Overground, it being the first day of full lockdown, but we didn't go out in the evening, except to the Co-op, and back by the scenic route.