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2020-12-02 07:34:46 (UTC)

Good morning 😊

Brr it's cold. Right now, it's 36° and I know for some people around the world is thinking "Pffft!, ain't nothing". Well, coming from Hawaii, it is to me. Still, I love the cool air. So refreshing taking in a deep breath with this cool crisp air....with a blanket on me as I sit on the bed. hehe. Too cold and/or lazy to make coffee but that force is too strong so I'll be getting up shortly to make some.

I took a special class yesterday at the gym. It was a physical assessment to go into details of me physically. Pretty cool. Found out some things. One thing I don't love is the wall sit. They make you do this and go as long as you can. Same with planks and a few other things. Funny when you're doing this and you're alone, it's boring as hell. I got tested in other things but what surprised me the most is doing squats. Not regular squats but squats while holding a plastic pvc up in the air horizontally above your head locking your elbows. Like a pretend barbell but almost weightless. Well, doing squats is easy but not while holding up that pvc. All of a sudden, it was hard to stay positioned vertically while doing it. This is because my hip flexors are not stretched good enough and I need to stretch it out more. It was limiting or making it hard to do squats. I was quite surprised because on regular squats, I can go way past 90°. Oh well, something to work on. Then after that workout, I attended the regular class with everyone else in there.

After both classes, I picked up a couple of pizzas to drop off to my Superstar Covid infected friend. hehe. Got there and chatted with her and her other cool Sister. Funny thing is her Sister's effects with Covid is that she can't smell. Superstar's effected by not being able to taste once in awhile. Her little brother came out and said hi but he is fine. We chatted a bit m ore but she's sick so I said goodnight. But before I left, I couldn't help but tell her something. A little dark humor but it popped into my head. I told her the good thing with this side effect is now she can enter a hot chili pepper eating contest and win. hehe. You know, because you can't taste anything anyway. 😈 And that made her laugh. They all were in a very good mood yesterday so I'm glad their quarantine is over in about a week.

Didn't feel like cooking last night so I stopped off at KFC. Been years since I went there. I had a three piece and now I know why I don't go there often. Chicken was just sorta mushy. But it tasted not bad. Watched some tv and that was lights out for me last night. I got a physical therapy appt this morning and work is light today so it should be another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Stole that line too and if you don't know where that line came're a tad bit too young.