Mr. Know It All

18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2020-12-01 16:54:25 (UTC)

Lunchtime Exercise

On our first day back to work after being gone 6 days for the holidays it was apparent you could cut the sexual tension between Mrs R and myself. Without saying a word to each other the desire to devour each other right in the office in front of everyone to see was so strong.

We text for a while and devised a plan to run out to lunch together. So at noon we are getting in my SUV and before I could pull out of the parking garage she had already slid her panties off from under her skirt. We would ride then park and play and did the same thing a few times. I had rubbed one cum out of her clit before we found a very vacant parking garage to land in for a while. Within 3 min we were totally undressed and 69ing in the back of my car. Then me on top. Her on top. We were
F’ing like we had never F’ed before. Until we got brave and openned the back and I bent her over standing behind her. It was cold but we didn’t care. I was pulling her long blonde hair with each hard firm thrust inside her. She was pushing back on my in unison. She got the the end and screamed fuck me. As she was cumming hard. She got a little weak in the Legs but I was able to reach my peak
And I pulled out and shot a load up her back from her ass to her neck. It was amazing. I was able to find an old shirt to clean her up
And we got dressed and climbed back In the front of the car. We kissed caressed and talked until we both had fully regained our compusure and returned to work. I must say it was an amazing lunch. Her husband will be going on a hunting trip in the next couple of weeks so we hope to spend some more quality time together then