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2020-12-01 08:15:43 (UTC)

My truck, my baby 😊

Boy oh boy, can't believe my truck seems to be taking a life on it's own. Dang thing is able to attract people more than I can on my best day. hehe. This is a recap of some of the things I've done to it so far. Floor lighting, side rails, Diamondbac bed cover, tint, alarm, extra fuse box, hid lighting, door latch cover, remote start, remote tailgate lock, and a few things I can't recall at the moment. But in the next month or so, I will be dropping down some cash for a lift kit, tires, and rims. So.... 2nd kayak may have to wait for awhile. It's so cold right now anyway so kayaking is not on the menu. I think if I did and touched the water, my privates would turn into two ice cubes and a popsicle. Haha. So no, not kayaking in the winter. Perhaps it'd be ok where the season is flipped around like in South Africa but this isn't South Africa. 🥴

I rec'd a couple of packages yesterday. Forgot all about them but it's two colognes from Parfum De Marly. One is called Pegasus and the other Godolphin. Sprayed both on separate wrists because I was curious. Pegasus smells so good. I knew it was an older scent but it's so popular, I thought I'd give it a try and glad I did. The other one (Godolphin) has a leather smell to it. It's perfect for this season. It is a winter fragrance because the cold weather suits it perfectly. It would not match during the summer smelling leather and somewhat like a tobacco smell along with a smell of wood of some sorts. I'm not close to being able to describe scents but that's the closest I can describe it. I love them both and so I tried some Godolphin on my chest before I went to bed and the smell is still on me. Glad I got it earlier because I'm not buying anymore colognes for awhile now. Even the dang bottle looks nice. If you are curious about this niche cologne, I'd get Pegasus even without trying it. Trust me, you'll like it. Godolphin? Don't let that be your first one. It's gonna be an acquired nose to enjoy that one. Sort of a hit or miss thing. You may love it or hate it depending on you. But Pegasus is a solid choice.

I texted Superstar to see if she wanted dinner dropped off last night. Her family is still quarantined for one more week I believe. She said no and that I did too much already. Offered an easy take out pizza from Papa Murphy's and she said no thank you and that I blessed them too much already. Haha. Me and bless was never in the same sentence until last night. So I got one for myself and showed her a pic of it later. I cooked it on my pellet grill and it came out even tastier than from an oven. Anyway, she then said she wanted one. I told her shoulda-coulda-woulda hehe. Too late now. I offered to get one the next night instead right after gym class and this time, she said ok. smh. hehe. Silly lady. Made me smile. She tried but the temptation was too irresistible (food) 🤪.

That's it for now. Patiently waiting for my truck stuff to come in. 🥴

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