La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-12-01 14:22:36 (UTC)

Welcome December!

In a blink of an eye our lives have change so much, welcome december, ¡where did these last 8 months went? since all this covit situation began, we never would have imagined loosing so many loved ones on the way, or living under this constant fear of geting the virus, regarles of this current situation and all these new norms, I want to focus on the good things that hapend. Such as being more in touch with our human side of things, I got to witness a few mirecles my self, with very selfish people became more aware of others needs not just their own. Maybe I learned that I have to be ok first before wanting to help every one else arround me and that was a big step for me trust me. I got to see one of my dearest friends get out of her confort zone and move in with her boyfriend and yes that was a big step for her as well. I've spent a lot more quality time with my loved ones. But I am missing my family so much right now, specialy my mom, she seems to be so fragile and getting so much more tired than she normaly would, and I only wish I was there to help her out, or keep her company. I have 5 nieces and nephews that I have yet to meet, and all my older nephews are begining to get married, so life is a trip on reminding us just how fast time does go by. I can't wait to have the vaccine for this pandemic to end, and be able to get a little sense of normal, whatever that new normal might be.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and are able to hug at least one person that matters to you and let them know how much theymean to you. have a nice day!