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2020-12-01 05:45:14 (UTC)

Working on self development

With all that and this chaos happening in my life I have decided to fuck it all and move on and look forward for a well setteled life. I might be late but it's better late than never.
I know it's gonna be difficult to forget everything happened but I'll try it doesn't disturb my mental health. I have decided to think about myself for my better future. I have decided to give ielts and look for a job in Canada. I'll start in new year and am sure by end of 2021 I'll be able to shift to Canada. Meanwhile i have set of things to do to upgrade my skills. Improve English as much as I can to practice ielts and learn digital marketing from a good Institute. So that I can get a fair job at Canada in digital marketing as it's booming. For all this I have to start with a job. With whatever job I get. So that I can apply for class and ielts agency fees.
I have planned things I hope this time I'll be able to execute it well. Also I am looking for a guy setteled in Canada. Omg so much to do.
Today I'll make enquiry for ielts and will apply for job plan rigiously. I hope nothing comes in between that will cancel my plan. For now what bothers me is mom's health I hope she will be fine by end of this month and am sure sis will take good care when I move to Canada. I so want to make this happen. This has become my dream now.
And I'll work my shit out to make this happen.

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