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2020-12-01 03:12:12 (UTC)

First Diary Prompt

Diary Prompt: What has been bothering you lately?

There's honestly a lot. For starters, I wished that my "friends" would talk to and text me more. I just feel like an extra person around, somewhere on there phone as a forgotten contact number. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd just forgotten me already. Another thing, I just feel like whatever I say could hurt somebody. Not like offensive really, but more like hurt the way they think about themselves. This doesn't really bother me, but I just feel like if I express how I feel in this diary, I could hurt someone's self image. Something else that's been bothering me lately is the fact that I can't find the motivation to do anything. I was just doing my homework, and I just lost motivation to do it like halfway through. I couldn't complete anything else today either. I might try tomorrow morning. The school system is stupid. They don't teach you much that's actually useful in your day to day life. Like I get it, math and reading are great things to learn, but the actual things they teach you are dumb. Like how to find the circumference of a circle, or how to find the angle of a triangle. Maybe these are useful, I don't know. But it's really about the things that they DON'T teach you. Like how to pay taxes, or how to just do basic things earn and save money. Honestly, it's like they want us to succeed, but they don't teach us how. Another thing that's bothering me is my school and program. I think I've said this before, but i'm in the TAG or Honors program. We're basically smarter than the average kid? I don't know. But they make us do things that we don't learn from. Like a STEM Fair that's every year, or an NHD Project that's mandatory for TAG kids. Gosh, I just realized how much I poured out onto this one entry. No one's probably gonna read this but whatever. If you do end up reading this far, I love you. I mean it. You're amazing, and perfect. I love you how you are. You don't need to change for anyone other than yourself. But make sure you're healthy and happy. You deserve it darling. Ok, bye for now.