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2020-11-30 18:02:48 (UTC)

Holy poop!!! 🤯

Oh man!!! I just left this shop and committed to getting my lift kit for my truck!!! I got a call from that other shop that ordered my rims and they told me they don't know when I'll be getting them. So I was able to cancel the order.

I snuck out of work early and went to a shop called Stellar. I was impressed with their knowledge and info. I committed to them. Total for the lift kit and labor? About $3,000. Total for the rims and tires? $2,800!! Yeah. My head is spinning just a tad. That's a lot of money just for a lift and pretty rims. But it's a high quality lift. No blocks. It should look fricking awesome!!! No pics yet. Will post later. Just wanted to post this short post for now.

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