London Life
2020-11-30 23:27:59 (UTC)

My cold, injured body - not as perfect as Amanda's

Jack put the shower curtain back up, but while I was working I heard it fall down with a clatter - twice. I was busy trying to compile the definite details for the office mail-out, and I finally got to the stage of doing the mail merge, but we didn’t get out for lunch until about 13:50. The food we had left over from yesterday’s trip to the Black Cat was enough for a lunch in itself, so we took it to our nearest green space, just to get some fresh air. However, it was unexpectedly cold sitting outside, so we came back in before we’d finished it.
I had to finish the Development Centre this afternoon – the one which I’ve been trying to avoid for ages. I was supposed to think of a “significant achievement” I’ve done this year, even though this year’s work has been much like the previous ones (except much better managed under my new boss), so I just said I’d coped with high volumes of work near deadlines, and had tried to innovate a new applications system. I didn’t even mention the other new system going live today. My initial thoughts were actually just a springboard for the lady to ask me a lot of questions about my role and feelings about the organisation.
This left me mentally shattered however. One good thing about it was, I avoided the boring task of making PDFs from the Mail Merge and sending out the letters. This felt like a kind of revenge for having to do the pointless Development Centre.
Eventually, I left to do my run. I wanted to do about 10km, maybe down to the river and back, but I only did about 1km because my knee started to hurt. Probably something to do with falling off my bike yesterday.
I then spent an hour or two sorting out stuff in the bedroom. Unused to being at home awake for more than two hours or so each, the flat has hit very messy, with poles of things. Like old diaries I was looking through during spare time in the first pandemic. I had an idea then I would sort through my old magazines, archive stuff, holiday souvenirs, etc during the lockdown but in fact it’s got more untidy.
It does look a bit better now. I took to bed a newspaper adventure cartoon strip compilation, ‘Amanda’. It’s amusing and fun, the excuses the writers make to show Amanda and her friend Kiki in revealing clothes, or brazenly topless, a tradition going back to ‘Jane’ in the 1940s.
And if course, they've got fantastic figures.