My thoughts through living.
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2020-11-30 22:51:00 (UTC)

Christmas shift about

I'm probably going to be visiting mothers in 3 days. gotta get a covid test first since students can got an asymptomatic test for Christmas(a good gift). Going to see my father for a while too. he said he will pick me up to visit because travel is risky. while there I would want to read more and possible visit some people. walking too, since its close to forests and fields. one of the dogs die since I was last there so I do wonder if they are more depressed or want less existing.

Why do we do anything? I have no clue what in there own mind persuades someone to take a specific action in a specific way. I find myself lost with someone. I think nothing of them. They are of below average intelligence, cant figure out puzzles, have no understanding of people and only ever complain about problems they cause. It reminds me of a video where someone describes a person in a similar way and on seeing them sneeze we think, "oh fuck, I've fallen in love haven't I." I bought them a dango. Well.... I say I bought them a dango but really I got 3 for me and the two household where I have parents but decided, if I go visit them, I'll give it to them instead of myself.