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2020-11-30 11:15:32 (UTC)

Monday funday 🥴

Today is gonna be a busy day for me. Already attended two mtgs.One with all the Engineers and the other with Microsoft. So....Monday is already up and running at work. I need to close one project out and that is so relieving to be able to just state that. One more project down baby!!! Yeah!! I helped migrate a customer from one network logically and physically into a new environment. Gonna forgo the fancy-smancy tech talk. Too early to make peeps sleepy. hehe.

I've decided to take it easy with getting my lift done on my truck. It's so dang complicated and I want to do it right. Picking the wrong lift kit may cause hidden issues like the comfort of the ride, the rear wheels bouncing (what the heck is that even?), rubbing of the tire against the wheel well. Suspension getting damaged because I picked and did a wrong lift!!! Holy moly!! I better take a step back on this one. I did purchase the wheels aka: rims so I'm sort of committed. Just that cost over $1,000. ugh.. Not even close to getting all the parts yet. I'll call and speak with a more reputable company that does lift kits and get their opinion on things.

Yesterday's rest day was good for the body. I barely feel anything from previous workouts except a little from last Saturday. We did AMRAPs and the push ups killed my Sponge Bob arms and I still feel a little sore from that. Today is called Muscle Monday and my luck will be that they will work on our arms again today probably :)

Spoke to Superstar to see how she is doing. I think something is wrong. She doesn't want to tell me. She goes to church and is a very strong Christian. She just says to pray for her and that's about it. Not sure if she wants to not let me see a kink in her angel wings or what but I respect her privacy and still think the best of her. So that is that. She knows where I am and how to reach out if she needs to.

One more thing on my self proclaimed New Year resolution was to hit a fico score of 800 again. I use credit karma and it's teasing me with a 795 score. Come on!! Just give me the 5 points I need already. Sigh... But it's not like I'm going to do anything with that score once I get it anyway. It's just a thing for me to want to hit.

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