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2020-11-30 12:44:00 (UTC)

My Girl: November 20, 2013: Wednesday


1) Kimberly signs up for the track and field:
Track and Field Assistance: Would you like to sign for the track and field?
Kimberly: (to Track and field assistance) Yes please.
Track and Field Assistance: Okay. Sign on the paper.
(Kimberly signs her name in cursive)
Track and Field Assistance: Thank You Mam.
2) Valerie, Lourdes, Kim: Seeking In Class:

3) Paolo x Shelby: Class Group:
At Classroom:
Miss Perez: Okay class, today we have the group project, so let's divide 6.
(Miss Perez puts the class group paper on the board)
Miss Perez: So, Group 1 will be Amber, Paola, Kimberly, Lourdes, Annie Lou and Sarah. Start discussing about the spanish project.
Annie Lou: So excited to do the project Kim!
Kimberly: Haha Yeah thanks Ann!
4) Kimberly felt jealous for the class group:

5) Mariana talks to Amber for what happened to Kimberly in class grouping:

6) Kimberly gets sad about Paolo and Shelby are going on the class grouping:
At School: Classroom:
(Kimberly takes out her cell phone and calls Antonia)
Kimberly: Mom?
(Antonia: Hey Kim, how was your grouping so far?)
Kimberly: (llorar) Paolo tooked Shelby for the class group!
(Antonia: I am so sorry sweetheart, maybe you have Amber with us, right?)
Kimberly: Yeah you are right.
7) Paolo thanks Shelby for the Class grouping:

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