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2020-11-29 19:41:27 (UTC)

Foodgasm 😛

Oh dang!! I smoked some oysters tonight. Had some white wine with it and it was so awesome. Needed lemon and I just happen to have a lemon tree that is full of lemons. Stepped outside to get one right outta the tree.. So yeah.. all good.

Got me some fancy-smancy white wine from a winery I don't remember going to. This with my smoked oysters and I was in food heaven. I seasoned the oysters with stuff that I thought would taste good. Wont find it in any cook book but it was fantastic.

Fireplace is doing it's thing. Got my candle diffuser with eucalyptus oil in it smelling oh so nice and so very relaxing.

I am in my happy place. Gonna veg out now. Drink more white wine, take deep breaths of the eucalyptus oil, and enjoy my night of bliss. Foodgasm at it's best!!

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