What my parents don't understand
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2020-11-30 00:07:18 (UTC)

Just crying

I first came to America when I was ten years old. My Dad left my mom to come to america for a better life. My parents were never married, in fact my dad left a week before I was born, I guess life doesn't go as planned. When I came to America I had no idea that my dad had another life here, he had a wife and 3 kids. I was a foolish kid that was really stupid, so I thought ,y stepmother would be one of the nice ones because I thought everyone was nice. She first started by asking me questions about my life and my mother, I never thought of this as suspicious. I just told her the truth to every question she asked,I told her the answers and she used it against me. see I was not smart I thought she was just asking me because she wanted to get to know me. She then went to my "father" and would tell him everything I told her but with little more twist. He would then get mad at me and yell and scream. I had no one to talk to or to tell about what she had done, It's not like I can call my mother she's 6,854 miles away, all there was to do was just cry. Even after all she did I still believed she was nice, I never thought there were any bad people in the world, just people that make bad mistakes, my mom taught me that I should always find the nice in people because everyone is kind, some are just having harder time to find because they are buried deep. The worst of all was my siblings they were really mean. They were younger then me but they still got together and tried to find ways to hurt me. once I was sleeping on a bed and all them came and jumped on my stomach which then I had to go to the hospital for. I was never mean to them or their mom so I wondered why they were doing all these things to me. My mom then called a week later, I talked to her and I was gonna tell her everything that happened but I didn't want to worry her. She said to me "you are my only hope, please try to do a good job, just focus on your school and I can get out of poverty". I then remembered why I came to America in the first place, it was for education, to help us get out of poverty. we were really poor and my mom worked as a cleaner. school then started and lot of troubles came.