London Life
2020-11-29 23:26:54 (UTC)

Fell off my bike again

After a cuddle and a podcast, we cycled to Victoria Park, but the queue for a coffee was too long there. We checked the Gallery café and the Love Shack, but both are still shut, so we got a coffee, which we drank by Cambridge Heath station. Looking forward to Wednesday when cafes re-open.

We headed back to the community centre, across the road from where we were planting daffodils last week. Lieke was already there, and asked how long I’d stayed yesterday. I didn’t remember her from yesterday, but she had a slight North American accent and she might have had her hair down yesterday.

Another girl was listed to help, named Hannah, and I thought she might be the beautiful blonde who went to the recent all-day Saturday tasks, but when she appeared I decided it wasn’t her and I said “is it Hannah?” when she arrived as if we hadn’t met before. This must have been puzzling to her as she was close to me when I was making a lot of quips last week and I chatted to her about Cheshire yesterday. When I heard her voice today, I realised it was actually the same girl, so I made the excuse that I didn't recognise her as she had a mask on yesterday. I got to talk to her a bit, but Chi started chatting her up, which made me a bit jealous to be honest. Both Hannah and Lieke were wearing thong knickers.

We started off emptying plants from large chamber-type pots, separating them and re-planting them by the fence. It was much easier to dig deep than at other sites I've worked at. Ceiling arrived from an Islington task and I got her to help, then I moved on to chopping upper branches off a tree, which I enjoyed. Other people don’t seem to chat to Ceiling as much as me, maybe her short, sharp statements suit me more.

We stopped for a tea and cake, and rather than appear ungrateful I had a milky tea (which I don’t think I like any more), and a berry cheesecake. I sometimes think, if I tell such people we’re vegan, they’re then uncomfortable that they haven’t provided anything for us. Eva arrived just as we were finishing – she’d got the time wrong.

Jack found out that the Black Cat wasn’t shutting until 15:30, so we cycled over there. I was hungry already, so asked for a pie to eat while we were waiting for the main course. We then took the main course over to the park, and shared a soup, but we’d had so much stuff we couldn’t finish eating it, so we took it home.

I was quite pleased I was able to memorise the entire quiet route home after studying it on City Mapper. Going through Clissold Park we ended up on a dirt track instead of the path, and my wheel got stuck in a hole so I fell off it, toppling over the handlebars. A couple stopped to help, but I was all right even though my head landed on my head-torch. I've got a bruise on my forehead from that.

After passing Arsenal’s ground, where they were evidently playing a behind-closed-door match, we diverted to Granary Square and sat by the canal. I was leaning on Jack’s body, which was a relief to my achy shoulders, and we looked at the new installation which was subtly changing colour all the time.

I got cold after a while, so we went home and I was so tired we just cuddled on the sofa while listening to the Amazing Radio chart (number 21 all the way to 8) until I made a cup of tea. I then had a soak in the bath while Jack had a family call. The shower curtain fell down again and I couldn’t get it back up.