Darc Tangent

2020-11-29 16:33:00 (UTC)

Update (NS)

Sorry for the delay peeps. I have been under a malaise of late. I tried working at home, different rooms, different times of the day, finally, I came back to the office, which seems to be the only place I can concentrate, so I hope you enjoy Sophia and Emmy's story. Any fans of Sydney to the Max on Disney, I hope I did the characters justice. I must admit, switching from 2020 to 1990 was tricky. I did not want to just have a line that said 1995 so you know I was changing decades, and I hope it flowed properly.
Not sure which of the many stories I have planned I will tackle next but as always, feel free to drop me comments, and by all means tell your friends, and if you have not yet done so, please subscribe. This is not some kind of cash grab, I do not get paid for this, I just like knowing that people are reading my work, and enjoying it enough to keep tabs on it.
Apparently the "X people read this in this last 24 hours" tag is not stable, so I cannot be sure that people are actually reading these, sometimes.
Thank You for your support.