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2020-11-29 16:10:04 (UTC)

Sydney to the Max: Sophia's Choice (3,257 wds)

Sophia’s Choice
D’Arc Tangent

Sydney Reynolds was packing her guitar into it case. Every lunch hour for the past three years, the Jazz Club jammed in the music room, and Sydney played bass. Her friends Olive, Sophia and Emmy always took their lunch there as well, watching their friend play, and offering support, and a live audience. She stepped down off the stage and greeted her friends. Hugs were shared, and congratulations were exchanged, and everyone started to clear out before the afternoon class began. As the band, and friends, left the room, unnoticed at the time, Sophia and Emmy held back a moment.

“Oh!” Sydney exclaimed, “I left my notebook in the room, wait here Olive.” and Sydney walked back into the music room. As she entered, her eyes fell upon her two best friends, Sophia and Emmy, as they were just pulling back from what looked like a kiss.

“We can’t keep doing this.” Sophia said, as she leaned forward and put her forehead on Emmy’s head.

“I know,” Emmy replied, “But I am scared. I want to tell them, but what if they don’t agree?”

“They’re our friends, Emmy, I know they will accept us.” Sophia replied.

“I know,” Emmy said, “and I will, we will, soon, maybe,” and Emmy looked up into Sophia’s big brown eyes, and smiled, and said, “Maybe this weekend?”

As Emmy laid her head on Sophia’s chest, a tear fell down her cheek and Sophia stroked her hair, as Sydney slowly backed out of the room.

“Where’s your book?” Olive asked, and Sydney’s mind started to reel with what she just saw, and what to say.

“Book.” Sydney said, almost as if she was talking to herself, then she looked Olive in the eye and said, “Book! Right, yes. Book. So totally forgot. Where is my head, am I right?” and she turned back to the room, but this time she knocked to let Sophia and Emmy know she was there.

“Hey guys!” she called out as she walked in to find the two girls standing apart from each other, and not actually looking at each other, “Didn’t know you were still here.” she said, keeping an eye on both girls as she walked in and headed for the stage, “I ... just ... forgot my book.” she finished the sentence in a burst of words as she almost ran to the stage, picked up her notebook, and left again, still keeping an eye on her friends.

“You know me. Always forgetting things. Sometimes it is like I don’t know anything at all. Anyway, you two take care, I am just, going to class.” and then as she turned to rush out of the room she said quickly, “Bye.” and left.

Sydney walked into the hallway, and was met by Olive.

“What’s the matter Syd?” she asked, noticing the concern on her friends’ face.

Sydney looked contemplative, almost as if she wasn’t even listening to her friend, when suddenly she turned to Olive and said, “If you knew something you weren’t supposed to, would you tell anyone?”

“Is this about Sophia and Emmy?” Olive asked.

“Whaaat?” Sydney said, stretching out the question, “Why would you think that?”

“Well, you came across this revelation after leaving the room where Sophia and Emmy were, and, to be honest, I started noticing they seem to be spending more time alone together. At the time I thought nothing of it, but with your question, things are falling into place.”

“So what do I do?” Sydney asked.

“Nothing.” Olive said, “When they are ready, they will tell us, and we will be there for them.”

“You’re right.” Sydney said, “They are our friends, and we love them just the way they are.”

“Hey guys!” Emmy and Sophia said as they came out into the hallway, “Ready to go?”

“Sure,” Sydney said, “Do you wanna head to the smoothie shop?”

Emmy looked at Sophia with pleading in her eyes, and Sophia said, “Sorry, I promised Emmy I would help her with her homework after school. You know how she has problems focusing.”

“Yeah,” Emmy chimed in, “Focusing, and well, Sophia has been a great help, but you two, go, have fun, and we will see you tomorrow.”

“We can help.” Sydney said, “Four Amiga’s, right?”

“Riiight,” Emmy said sheepishly, “It’s, just that …" but she seemed to struggle with what to say next when Sophia said, “It is just that she still gets nervous with too many people around. I have been tutoring her for the last few months, and we seem to have a system in place that is working.”

“Yes!” Emmy said, “System. We have a system. I really love you two for wanting to help, but Sophia has this covered.” and sub-consciously Emmy reached for Sophia’s hand.

“Still, I am sure that the four of us together …" then Olive bumped Syd on the shoulder, and Sydney noticed their hands, the said, “But I am sure you two have this all under control. You two go, do … homework … together, and Olive and I will catch up with you tomorrow.”

Emmy and Sophia headed back to Emmy’s house, and up to her room. Sophia closed the door, and as she turned around to greet her friend, Emmy lunged into her arms and kissed her on the mouth. They held each other in the kiss for an eternity before Emmy let go and lowered herself back to the floor.

“I have wanted to that since 8th period.” Emmy said.

“I have wanted to that since 4th.” Sophia said, “But we still have to study, remember?”

“I know,” Emmy said, looking down at her feet, then looking up into Sophia’s eyes she sheepishly smiled as she said, “But you remember what helps me focus on studying, right?”

Sophia took the edge of Emmy’s sweater in her hands and started to lift it over her head. Emmy’s arms rising in the air to allow the sweater to come free. Then she started to undo the buttons on the white cotton shirt, her fingers trembling each time more of Emmy’s beautiful coco coloured skin is exposed, and her petite white bra is revealed, until finally Emmy is standing before her, topless, in only her bra on top, and her little, knee length skirt.

“God Emmy, you are beautiful.” Sophia said, as she kissed Emmy on the neck, along her shoulder, sliding the straps off her shoulder to expose her skin to her lips. Emmy reached behind her and undo the bra to give Sophia access to her perky little A-Cups, and Sophia’s mouth was over one of the breasts in no time, running her tongue over the pebbled nipple before kissing down Emmy’s body until she was kneeling before her petite friend, who was already undoing the back zipper of her skirt and allowing it to fall to her feet. Sophia sat on her heels, looking at the tiny, lace panties, that were all that stood between her and her goal. She pulled the panties down, and as they reached Emmy’s ankles; Emmy sat on the bed to allow Sophia to remove the panties completely, and spread her legs to expose her most intimate parts for Sophia.

“Time to get me focused.” Emmy smiled at her, and Sophia leaned in between Emmy’s legs, her tongue running along her clit, and Emmy grabbed Sophia’s head to keep her mouth where she wanted it. Sophia’s tongue was well versed in pleasuring her friend. She knew where to lick, when to suck, when to thrust, and Emmy’s soft moans were testimony that Sophia was doing everything right. As Sophia thrust her tongue into Emmy’s vagina, Emmy would thrust her hips up to receive her tongue deeper into her until finally Emmy had to call “Stop.”

“What’s the matter baby?” Sophia asked, concerned, “Did I do something wrong?”

Breathlessly, Emmy replied, “No, Sophia, not in the least.” and she had to take a few more deep breaths before continuing, “That was amazing, but usually, you do me, then I do you, but I was thinking we can do each other. I want to cum with you.”

“I think I see what you are asking.” Sophia said as she stood up and started to unbutton her shirt. Emmy sat on the bed and watched her. Licking her lips with each button, and her eyes going wide and white as Sophia opened her shirt, her beautiful, firm and round D-Cups exposing themselves behind the black push up bra. Sophia reached behind to unclasp her bra, and tossed it to the floor, then unbuttoned her jeans, sliding the zipper down teasingly slow as she watched Emmy squirm on the bed. As the jeans slid over Sophia’s hips, Emmy began to finger herself.

“Ah, ah!” Sophia admonished with a wave of her finger, “You already have a head start, if you do that, you will cum before we even get started.”

Emmy pulled her finger from her vagina, and pouted at Sophia, who stepped out of her jeans and walked over to Emmy on the edge of the bed.

“Care to finish?” Sophia asked, and Emmy looked up at her friend, smiled and nodded her head vigorously as she clasped the white cotton panties in her hand and exposed the fine, brown bush that covered her entrance. And Emmy licked her lips as she saw the glistening moisture dripping between her lover’s lower lips. Emmy laid back on her bed, and spread her legs, and Sophia climbed onto the bed, her ass facing Emmy’s face, as she lowered herself to Emmy’s hips, and as she used her fingers to open Emmy up to her mouth, Emmy, too, spread open Sophia’s lips to taste the sweet nectar that was starting to drip between her legs. In no time, both women were pleasing each other, stopping periodically to let out moans of pleasure before returning to their pleasures. Soon, they developed a rhythm of pleasuring, exclaiming “Oh my God!” and pleasuringg, and “Oh god, right there.” and pleasuring, and more varied exclamations until they both started to gush with release, their bodies coated in sweat, their muscles trembling with the rigors of their lovemaking, until Sophia repositioned herself, and they both lay naked on the bed, panting, and kissing, and feeling tremendously relieved.

“So,” Sophia started to giggle as she talked, “Are you focused now?”

Emmy kissed Sophia, their tongues exploring each other, before she pulled away and said, “So, math first?”

The two lovers sat at Emmy’s desk, still naked, and worked on their homework until Emmy’s mother called up that supper was ready, and if Sophia was staying.

Emmy looked at Sophia, who smiled and nodded, so Emmy called down, “Yes! We will be down in a moment.” and they closed their books, and got dressed and went down for dinner.

“Dad?” Sydney said, as their favourite cooking show just finished, “Have you ever experienced someone, who was different?”

“What do you mean Syd?” Max asked, “Everyone is different.”

“I mean, like, liked different things than you?”

“Liked playing different things, like sports, or games or …"

“No, people. Say you like one type of person, and they liked another?”

“You remember my best friend Leo was black, and Pete, well Jamzy to you, was Indian, so I am not sure what you are asking sweetie.”

“Oh, wow, I didn’t think this would be so hard, I know these two girls, who like each other.”

“So, you and Olive like each other, and You, and Emmy and Sophia, and the girls on the Fencing team all like …"

“No, these two girls LIKE, like each other.” Sydney tried to explain.

“You mean they, like … Oh, LIKE, like each other, and you don’t agree?”

“Oh, I think it is good. They are great, it is just that they have not, well, they haven’t, it is not, I mean …"

“They haven’t, come out, and you don’t know how to act now that you know?”

“Yes!” Sydney exhaled the answer as if she was holding it in, “Do I tell them I know? Olive says no, she thinks they will tell us when they are ready.”

“I agree.” Max said, “This is their secret, and if they want you to know, they will tell you.”

“But how do I face them, knowing what I know?”

“Let me tell you,” Max said, “Of when I was probably about your age, it was my first month in college, and I was staying on campus …"

“Grandma’s idea?” Sydney asked.

“Not important,” Max replied, with a little irksome sound in his voice, “I walked in on my roommate, and I saw him, with another guy.”

“They weren’t …?” Sydney started to say.

Young Max Reynolds walked into his dorm room and saw his roommate, Jeff, kissing another student.

“Oh!” he said, shock obvious on his face, “I’m sorry, I mean, I should've knocked, or something, my bad. I. well, I gotta, I mean I just … bye.” and closed the door. When Max finally returned to his room, Jeff was alone.

“Max,” Jeff said as Max entered the room, “I should have warned you. It was not like this was a ...”

“Hey, no Big. It’s not like I haven’t seen this. I mean it’s not like I usually watch or anything, but, well, you know, I do me, and you do ... I mean not that you were DOING anything …"

“Max, stop.” Jeff said.

“Thank you!” Max said, relieved that he was putting his foot deeper into his mouth.

“Max, I am sorry.” Jeff said, “I wasn't expecting you back so soon, but I don’t plan on doing this all the time, it sort of just happened.”

“No, hey, it's cool.” Max said, “Like you said, it just sorta happened. Maybe I should knock next time?”

“Max, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in your own room. Let us just say that IF, not like it will always happen, but IF, it does, I will, what? Maybe put a tie or something on the door knob?”

“Who wears ties in college?” Max pshawed the statement off, “Maybe a sock?”

“Like that’s not weird.” Jeff said, “Anyway, we will work something out. I just want to make sure you me are good. We good Max?”

“Yeah, we are good. Thank you for explaining, and I am sorry I freaked out on you.”

“Totally my fault. I haven’t even told my parents yet, but it means a lot that you are alright with this.”

“Totally.” Max said, and they fist-bumped everything was cool.

“Did you ever figure out a sign that the room was …" Sydney started.

“Occupado?” Adult Max said, “Moot point. After he told his parents, his father pulled him from school, sent him to a military school.”

“That’s horrible!” Sydney said, “What happened to him?”

“Nothing. He made it through school, learned to hide it until he was old enough, and stable enough, to move out, and did. I met him about ten years ago, he is married now, to a good MAN, and they are happy.”

“I guess that is the thing, right?” Sydney said, “If it makes you happy, it can’t be bad.”

“So you are good with Emmy and Sophia?” Max asked.

“Yeah, I guess I am, wait, how did you …?”

“I’m not blind Syd.” Max said.

“How come everyone else knew, or suspected, but me?”

“Because of who you are Syd.” Max said, “You just see two close friends who have been together for years, and thought nothing of it. You, my dear, are a nice person.”

“Thanks dad.” Sydney said, and she hugged her father.

After supper, Emmy walked Sophia to the door. Her father was in the other room, watching TV, and her mother was busy cleaning the kitchen. “Thank you, Sophia.” Emmy said, as she hugged her friend, “You are really helping me a lot.”

“Any time baby.” she said, then looking around to see if anyone was near, she kissed Emmy good night, “But we really need to tell people. Syd and Olive at least. They are not stupid. They probably already suspect, and keeping this from them, just makes it look like we are ashamed of what we have.”

“Oh no!” Emmy said, shocked by the sudden realization, “I never thought of that. You don’t think that do you? Do you think I am ashamed of us?”

“No baby.” Sophia said, “Never, but we need to come clean, at least with our friends.”

Emmy hugged Sophia again, then kissed her and said, “Tomorrow, before school. No secrets from the four Amiga’s.”

Still holding each other, Sophia put her head on Emmy’s and said, “No secrets.”

Emmy kissed Sophia once more, then opened the door to let her friend go home. As she shut the door, Emmy went into the living room, where her mother had joined her father watching TV.

“Mom, Dad,” Emmy started.

The following morning Emmy met up with Sophia, and they walked to school.

“I told my parents last night.” Emmy said, and Sophia stopped mid-stride.

“And?” Sophia asked.

“Mother said she was wondering when I would tell her.”

“She knew?” Sophia asked.

“They both did. Apparently we are not as sneaky as we thought.” then her eyes went wide again, “You think …"

“Oh I am sure they do; they are just too good of a friend to tell us.” Sophia explained.

“Then we better get to school. This is probably killing them.” Emmy said, “Especially Olive. She hates having secrets.”

When Emmy and Sophia were about a block away from school, they saw Sydney and Olive coming around the corner and they stopped until their friends caught up.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Sydney said, “The four amiga’s in the house!” and she pumped her hands into the air.

“Emmy and I have something to tell you.” Sophia said.

“No,” Emmy interrupted, “Let me.”

“Are you sure baby?” Sophia said, no longer worried about what would happen. At the word baby, Olive and Sydney looked at each other, then back at their two friends.

Emmy took Sophia’s hand in hers, and Sydney and Olive smiled, “Sophia and I are, well, for some time now we have been, it’s like, well, we have been …"
“We’re dating.” Sophia blurted out, then turning to Emmy said, “Baby, you were taking too long.”

“Finally!” Olive exclaimed.

“So, when you were doing,” and Sydney air-quoted, “Homework, you were …"

“Doing homework.” Sophia interrupted, “We just found a system that helped her focus.”

“You should try it.” Emmy said, “It really helps.”

“Nooo, that’s alright, I’m good.” Sydney said.

“Me too,.” Olive added, then, “But you two, that is great. I thought I was going to have to take that secret to the grave.”

“I’m sorry Amiga’s,” Emmy said, “I was afraid. Sophia wanted to tell you when it happened, but I was scared.”

“Of us?” Sydney said, “Like we would not support our friends?”

“Bring it in.” Olive said, holding her arms out for a hug, and the four girls closed in and all hugged each other. After a few minutes they pulled away and said, “Well, I guess we still have to go to school.”

“That we do, Amiga’s.” Sydney said, “So let’s go, and remember, NO SECRETS from your friends, right?”

Emmy hugged Sydney, “No secrets.” and the four of them walked the rest of the way to school together.