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2020-11-29 14:24:00 (UTC)

MUCH Snaps: Fall Asleep Pictures

Pics In Order:
Ery y Nico (2019-04-29)
Katerina Y Rolando (2017-05-01: At Itzel's Sweet 16, Katerina and Rolando are the sick persons during the 5th period world history class)
Brisa Y Esteban (2015-03-06: At Period 6, Brisa is wearing her blind sunglasses after Esteban gave him a Good afternoon kiss, 2015-10-21: Brisa has her fever issues during her Lunch Time)
Lopez y Katerina (2017-01-27: At Winter assembly preparing, Katerina fell asleep when the class is over, 2017-04-07: Katerina and Lopez are sleeping for get ready for the test)
Paolo y Kimberly (2014-02-05: At 8th grade Marathon, Kimberly felt tired to run very fast, 2014-05-07: Last day Of marathon! Kimberly fell asleep during the pavilion)
Rolando y Alexandra (2017-11-13: At First Day of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Day, they met each other's arms for the 2nd period thru Nutrition break days with their couple hoodies)
Rolando x Maristellar (2019-04-24: Rolando just kissed Maris, when his girlfriend is sick for the few days at Period 6)

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